Discover Instagram’s Latest Test: The “Nearby” Feed for Stories

Discover Instagram’s Latest Test: The “Nearby” Feed for Stories

Are you adding your location to your Instagram stories? If not, it might be time to start! Instagram is currently experimenting with a “Nearby” feed for Stories, aiming to highlight public content from local users and businesses. This could be a game-changer for local businesses, especially those eager to build awareness in their local community.

Two Key Benefits of the ‘Nearby’ Feed

  1. Local Awareness for Your Brand: One of the main advantages of this feature is its potential to increase the visibility of your brand in your local community. By sharing stories with a location tag, local businesses stand a better chance of appearing on the feeds of people nearby. It’s a great potential feature that could result in more footfalls, increased recognition, and potential collaborations with other local communities.
  2. Build Your Community and Collaborations: This isn’t just about promotion. It’s about increasing connections and community collaborations. By regularly sharing local content, businesses can become a recognisable and trusted brand within their community. This, in turn, encourages local engagement, conversations, and is a way for businesses to understand and deliver to the specific needs and preferences of their local audience.

Action Point for Local Brands

For businesses and brands focused on local business, this is your cue to tag your location in your stories consistently. When this feature eventually rolls out, having an archive of geotagged content could give you a headstart in populating the ‘Nearby’ feeds of local users. It’s key to be ahead of the curve, leveraging new features to the fullest.

As seen in the image shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the “Nearby” feed is an intriguing prospect. However, Instagram will likely have to remind users about the importance of updating their privacy settings, ensuring their content isn’t unintentionally visible to nearby followers. Instagram hasn’t yet given an official update on this test, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for its quick launch in the UK.

Alessandro Paluzzi / Software Developer / Instagram

Local businesses, it’s time to consider your plan for this potential feature. The world of Instagram is evolving, and so should your strategy.

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