Top tools to improve your Instagram account

Why Instagram? You ask. Instagram has become increasingly popular and in June the Independent announced that “Instagram beats Twitter as most popular social media platform for advertisers”, . Nowadays people prefer visual content and seeing as Instagram Is all about photos and videos nailing your Instagram account is key.

In this post, I will share with you my top Instagram tools…

1) Crowdfire – The tool for growing your Instagram.

A few facts about Crowdfire:

  1. Crowdfire is both an app (IOS and android), as well as a desktop tool.
  2. Over 15 million people use Crowdfire.
  3. You can use Crowdfire to grow your twitter account as well as your Instagram account.

So what does Crowdfire do?

Crowdfire is a great tool that helps tidy up your Instagram followers. You simply either download the app or sign in with your Instagram account through the desktop version, when you sign in the tool will let you know:

1) Who you are following that isn’t following you back
2) Who you are following that is inactive
3) Who is following you that you aren’t following back
4) Who has recently unfollowed you

You then get the choice to unfollow or follow anybody you wish through the app or desktop tool. This tools great to use to help build up your Instagram followers and ensure your ratio between your following and followers is even.


2) Layout- The tool for creating images.

A few facts about layout:

  1. Layout is an app that is only available on IOS.
  2. Layout is free to use.
  3. The app is actually developed by Instagram.

What can you use layout for?

Layout is a great app that allows you to build your own photos using multiple photos, the app lets you access your camera roll and chose the images you wish to use, you can then drag and drop your photos where you wish them to go, you can edit, rearrange and adjust your images to the way you wish them to be. Another great thing about layout is you can save your design to your camera roll and upload them straight to Instagram.

Layout is a great way to share your memories without having to upload each image singly, you can simply create a collage of them and upload as one image.


3) Repost- The app for reposting images to your profile.

A few facts about repost:repost

  1. The Repost app is available on both IOS and Android.
  2. Repost is free to use.

What does the Repost app allow you to do?

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and see an image or video you like and wish to post on your profile? But you then have to screenshot and crop the post before you can post it and that just takes up to much time! Simply download the repost app and it will do this for you!

Repost will allow you to share an image or video you like onto your profile, but the best thing about the app is it will still give credit to the original instragrammer.


4) Simplymeasured – The tool for measuring your posts

A few facts about simplymeasured:

  1. Simplymeasured is a desktop tool
  2. The tool is only available for users with up to 25,000 followers

What does simplymeasured do?simplymeasured

Simplymeasured is a desktop tool that can be used to create a free user Instagram report. You simply enter your Instagram account, sign up for the tool and it will create a report that will tell you which photos are working well on your account: showing you the statistics behind your posts, keyword analysis, the effectiveness of your brand online,  best time for engagement and many more key statistics.  Simplymeasured is great if you’re trying to build your brand online as you can see what’s working for your brand and what’s not.

Do you use any of the tools we’ve mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!




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