What to post on Social Media in uncertain times

Are you wondering what to post on your Social media profiles in these uncertain times?

Over the last few weeks we have been delivering various webinars to share with you the key things you may consider when creating and posting your Social media updates.

We have been helping many businesses and working with clients and seen some amazing things going on.

The following areas we have discussed in detail on our on-demand webinar. To access the recording you can download here – https://bit.ly/2y8jT2F

?Inform – Keep your audience informed of your business activities whilst in COVID-19, however don’t saturate them too much unless this is the area you’re in and the communication they would be expecting from you.

?Educate – Now is a great time to educate your audience on your key subject/topic areas that form your business. Educate by providing videos, LIVE Q &A, blogs and more sharing key knowledge tops, strategies and information that they will find useful and valuable to their business or life.

?Entertain – Provide a distraction to your audience, something light-hearted but not some comedy pic or meme on COVID-19. Remember your reputation counts right now. Share an inspiration count, motivational videos, Ted talks, a team video! Keep them entertained and coming back for more! The lovely Rae from Janes Stall have done this well!

?Sell – Its ok to keep selling, however, it maybe that you’ve had to tweak your offering, product and service to fit the climate we are currently in. Selling in our normal way could be insensitive right now, so remember to think about your captions! Turn off the scheduler.

And… don’t discount your prices! Package your offering up, provide payment plants. Don’t devalue your product or service.

?Build – It’s now the perfect time to build your community. From analytics we have seen a climb in the amount of people using social media since the 2nd April. It’s a great time to share great content, build a know, like and trust, and build your tribe!

Keep your brand strong, be consistent and work on something amazing! ?

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