Campaign Management

When you need a boost (of traffic, interest, eyeballs or visitors – you know the score) a social media campaign is what spinach is to Popeye. The fastest way to flex your muscles, supercharge your day and quite honestly, just monster it.

Unlike Popeye, we’re also known for flexing our analytical and mind muscles. That means your campaigns won’t just be super sized by our social media superfood, they’ll also run on our own tried and tested formula of weekly reporting, full measurement, trackable KPIs and transparent team communication.

Designed to give a high-intensity hit of extra content, lots of energy and masses of visibility, our bespoke social media and digital campaigns typically run over a 4-6 week period.

We’re fully hands on, creative forces of nature in this time and we’ll go all out to provide engaging, additional content to support your campaign and its objectives. This leaves you free to focus on your product launch, event, key message, movement or anything else that you want to shout about.

The ZC Social Media team will quite literally hit the streets and the studio. We’ll capture sound bite videos, film video content, create gifs, write blogs and in short – generate on-brand, on-message content that the social media algorithms (and your audience) love! The ZC team also get out on the road to encourage offline activity – which drives online activity and content.

Want to see some of our previous campaign impacts or find out more? Send us an email or give us a call.

"I had the absolute privilege to work with Zoe as her client. Working for Ann Summers I had the immense challenge of turning our Social Media offering on its head. From a declining subscription base and lacklustre content, Zoe helped turn red dashboards to green, almost overnight. Zoe works algorithms as Mickey Mouse brings broomsticks to life - astoundingly well and with unique creative solutions. Not only does her professionalism shine, she is also a deeply principled person who genuinely lives and breaths Social Media. She's determined to make it better. I would not hesitate to recommend Zoe and I strive to work with her again, somehow and someway".

Hayley Selby, Ann Summers

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