Social Media Management

Proactive and cross-platform management

Let’s face it, social media management can feel like a full time job – especially if you already have a full time job and have to run your social media activity on the side. As you might have guessed from the fact that we only do social media, we love spending our days getting social and integrating our considerable know-how to bring our clients the best possible return on their social media investment.

Whether you’re an ambitious start-up, a celebrity face, a fast growing SME or an international organisation, we pool our strategic, creative and analytic savvy to manage every aspect of your social media presence, with all of our team members bringing their own special something to the table.

As a full-service solution, we’ll handle all of the day-to-day nuts and bolts of your social media marketing, leaving you free to do your actual day job. From creating your profile, developing engaging, exciting posts and interacting with your audience to growing your fan base and building a buzz with paid social and influencer collaborations, we manage your campaigns like they were our own.

Throw in full reporting, a fun, friendly team, capable creatives, cutting-edge strategy and a fully bespoke approach, and it’s easy to see why some of our clients say they can’t afford NOT to work with us!

"I had the absolute privilege to work with Zoe as her client. Working for Ann Summers I had the immense challenge of turning our Social Media offering on its head. From a declining subscription base and lacklustre content, Zoe helped turn red dashboards to green, almost overnight. Zoe works algorithms as Mickey Mouse brings broomsticks to life - astoundingly well and with unique creative solutions. Not only does her professionalism shine, she is also a deeply principled person who genuinely lives and breaths Social Media. She's determined to make it better. I would not hesitate to recommend Zoe and I strive to work with her again, somehow and someway".

Hayley Selby, Ann Summers

Social media monitoring

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew everything, everyone ever said about you? Wth social media monitoring, you no longer need to wish you were a fly on the wall – the wall comes to you. Social monitoring tracks every mention of your brand on social media, both good and bad, so you know what’s a hit, what’s a miss and who your biggest fans are.

Request our Social media management clients "Case Studies"

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Community management

We all know word of mouth is the best lead generator, but in an age where no-one really talks over the garden fence anymore, community management is the next best thing. We’ll take over the mantle of community management for you – engaging directly with your social media followers, nurture customer and brand interactions, answer questions, address problems and if the worst happens, perform damage control.

Community management also feeds into the creative process too and has an analytical aspect – meaning we’ll keep a close eye on which topics hit the spot, which hashtags trend and monitor follower posts on your profiles to inform a laser-targeted content strategy designed to keep your community fully engaged with your brand, whatever the competition has to offer.

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