Learn how your employees can ‘elevate’ your company on LinkedIn!

Does your LinkedIn company page have less followers than your employee’s personal profile?

Are your employees getting more engagement with their update status than your company page posts?

linkedin elevateMost businesses, unless you are a well-known brand, struggle to increase the number of their followers on their LinkedIn company pages organically. Without spending money on LinkedIn Ad’s to help build the numbers of your company followers you will find they will grow steadily.

Our personal profiles on LinkedIn are something all employees of a business should consider creating and optimising. They will help to increase the presence of the business brand.

We are able to build our connections on our profiles more easily by uploading our email connections, people we meet networking from their contact details on business cards and other members of a joined group.

A new update from LinkedIn reveals that they are going to be rolling out a new app called Elevate. Elevate is a content sharing application that will allow companies to leverage the social media activities of their employees to drive more leads and enquiries to their business.

Elevate will help employees create and find good quality content. It will also enable them to share directly to their social media profiles: twitter and LinkedIn and indicate the best time for them to do this! The most important feature is that it will measure the impact of the content they are creating and sharing.

At the moment Elevate is invitation only but LinkedIn plan to roll out the new tool later in the year.

In preparation for the roll out for Elevate, make sure your LinkedIn profiles are fully optimised and complete. Also if you haven’t already created your LinkedIn company page it’s time to get started!

The team at ZC Social Media help individuals and businesses to setup their profile and presence on LinkedIn. For more information email info@zcsocialmedia.com

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