Using Infographics to spice up your Social Media

2017 is around the corner which means it’s time for a change. Starting with your Social media. Let’s face it, promotional content can be boring and come across as spamming, people love content that is interesting and fun not repetitive and dull. So how can you improve your content? Have you heard of Piktochart? Piktochart is a great tool in which you can create eye-catching content that people would love to read. Create your own infographics sharing your knowledge through bold and fun images.

So, how do you create an infographic using Piktochart?

Firstly, you need to create an account with Piktochart (It’s free!). When you create an account with Piktochart you will gain access to several templates that you can use to guide you with your indesign or you can choose to start from scratch with a blank template.

Once you’ve selected your template you can work on the infographic section by section, changing colours, adding texting, adding images, changing fonts and sizes. You can also add shapes, lines, icons and upload your own photos to your infographic.

Piktochart is a simple drag and drop tool in which you can amend your design to the way in which you would like it to look. Once the design Is complete you simply click download in the top right and select whether you would like it to save as a JPEG or PNG.

So, what should you base your infographic on?

Infographics are a great way to share your knowledge in a fun way. Share tips or advice on the area in which you’re in. You need to think about what people will be interested in and what advice you can give to others that they won’t already know about.

Need some infographic inspiration? Take a look at my previous infographic on social media image sizing:

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