ZC Social Media present in Asia!

We have been quiet the last few months and not updated our blog since beginning of June! However we have been so busy at ZC Social Media! There has been some amazing things happening! 

We have been to Amsterdam, France and Asia! In the last two months! We have been jet setters and not only that we have taken the brand across to Asia which has been a fantastic achievement for us. 

ZC Social Media Partners Zoe and Gareth
ZC Social Media Partners Zoe and Gareth

So your probably asking why Amsterdam and Asia? Well in June we were invited to attend The Social Media Strategies Summit where I spoke on Facebook Marketing Strategies. The audience was various marketing, social media and digital professionals from some of the worlds leading brands and was amazing to share my message and hear their experience and feedback on the world of Social Media. We also had some great feedback from the event too, and even got an evening to tour Amsterdam and experienced a canal tour! 

Socialathon, social media strategy
Zoe and Rajul from Xposure talking about Social Media Strategy

Only last week we returned from Delhi India where I was invited by Digital Market Asia and Business World to attend a brand new event #Socialathon2014 to speak on how to build communities on Social Media.

We were flown into Delhi and stayed at Gurgaon known as tech city where some of the big digital companies are based; Facebook India, Google India and many more…

We met with some influential people from India and had various meetings with digital agencies based there. Made many friends and contacts that we will continue to build relationships with going forward.

Socialathon 2014 #Selfie

Myself and Rajul from Xposure were the first speakers at the Socialathon. I shared my tips, messages and tools on how to build an effective community online – how to nurture and engage with that community and how it can help build your brand and presence. Once that brand has built its influence it’s then that a company will then see a return on its investment from the influence it has built. 

Once I had finished my talk Rajul then asked some key questions to expand on the areas I had discussed to engage with the audience more. 

Socialathon 2014
Zoe amongst the winners of The Socialathon 2014 Awards

It was a brilliant day with many key leaders from the Social Media and Digital Arena in Asia and the Pacific. The day was finished off with the first ever Social Media Awards in Asia! 

From canal trips, world jet setting and India monuments we have had an amazing two months at ZC Social Media and so proud to say we will be off to Singapore in February 2015 with Digital Market Asia! 

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