Why is Sendible such a Powerful Social Media Management Software?

Sendible allows you to manage all your social media platforms and their features, from just one software. You can schedule messages, publish content, engage with your audience and much more, all from one dashboard. This is effective when running several different social media platforms; especially for a business as you can measure return of investment (ROI), analytics, engagement and even publish reports. Find out more and how you can start your free trial here…

What can I do from my dashboard?

You can now access important messages through your priority inbox, and decide what you would like to do about it, all from one screen. Sendible allows you tosendible monitor key words that flag up on blogs, social media networks, in the news and in comments on social media. This helps you monitor your brand and how well it is doing but also to flag up any mentions that may need intercepting.

In regards to blog posts, you can use a built-in writing service, which provides you with fresh content that is required within social media at that time. This will also allow you to source original content, as well as find the most engaging content to share with your audiences.

Your dashboard will allow you to view the optimal times to publish content to reach the most people and receive the most engagement. You can also view the analytics of certain posts to see which posts are reaching the widest audience. You can also build up reports to present these statistics and document them.

How will Sendible help me schedule my content?

Many people believe that within social media, you must go on to your social media platforms and post out content every day to keep your audiences happy. However, with the help of Sendible, this isn’t the case. You can save time by scheduling future posts because Sendible enables you to schedule posts in-bulk, or individually as far in advance as you need. For example, if you are closing over Christmas but still need to post out, you can set your content to go out on specific days at optimal times, to reach the most people and receive the most engagement. A good way to create engagement is to upload visual tools, such as images and videos, which Sendible allows you to do. Look at this blog, containing information on how to create the perfect image for your posts on Canva https://zcsocialmedia.com/what-is-canva/.


For more information and pricing of Sendible, head to https://sendible.com/partnerships/zcsocialmedia to claim your 10% discount today!

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