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Canva is a graphic design software tool in which enables you to create simple designs. Graphics are an important part in today’s world whether it’s a graphic for your website, your social media or for a blog. What’s great about Canva is the tool includes templates with the exact measurement of posts from Facebook headers to twitter posts and eBook covers, Canva enables you to design your graphic within the right scale. Need specific dimensions? Canva also gives you the option to create your own template and input the dimensions of the post you require.

What features does Canva have?

The great thing about Canva is the simplicity of the tool. Once you’ve selected the dimensions you wish searchto use, you
can then start designing your graphic. The tool bar on the left of Canva is all you need to create your graphics.

Search- When you select the search bar, this gives you the option to search for any images you wish to use (if you don’t have your own). Just type in what you’re looking for and Canva will display all images regarding your search, a bit like Google! When you scroll through the images displayed, you will see that some say “free” on and some say “$1 USD”, the majority of the images within Canva cost $1 – so if you don’t have any of your own images you can easily purchase canvas images or you can use any image that is free.

In order to use the image you simply drag and drop the image where you would like it to go.

Layout- A great tab if you aren’t too good at coming up with design ideas. The layout tab displays layouts that you may wish to use, if you like the design on one of them just simply click on the one you wish to use and you can then edit the layout and add/ remove any images. The cost applies the same as the images, some of the layouts are free to use but some you may need to pay $1 if they include Canva images.

Elements– The elementselements tab is the key to your graphic, the tab allows you to select any shapes, illustrations, frames, icons, charts or photos you wish to use on your design. Just simply click on one of the sections and scroll through all the cool things that Canva allows you to include in your graphic. You can also edit any elements you wish to use, for example if you wish to use shapes you can change the colours to your preference and change the sizes/crop them.

Text- Add any text you wish to use to your graphic by either selecting “add heading” or choosing one of the text templates they provide, you can then change the text to any font, size and colour you wish to use.

Background– Change the background of your graphic by simply selecting a background design from the background tab or if you wish to use a certain colour you can use the colour chart to get your perfect colour.

Upload– The upload tab is a key part to your graphic, whether you want to upload your own phuploadotography or your logo to make branded images, Canva allows you to upload your own images and use them in your graphic. You can upload your images from your computer or your Facebook account.

Once you’ve finished designing your graphic, Canva allows you to simply save your design as an image(JPG), image(PNG) or as a PDF. Canva will also save your design to your account, so if you need to make any adjustments to your graphic after it’s been saved- all you need to do is login to your account and all your designs will appear on your home page ready for editing or reusing.

Why not give Canva a go and share your designs with us! You can access Canva via,

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