Ep5. Build Your Perfect Audience With Engagement

In this episode of The Trust Podcast, we’re going to talk about why it’s important to engage with your audience, one of the key elements of Social media that a lot of people miss out on. And I’m going to be sharing with you the reasons why it is key to building your perfect audience.

What is Engagement?

[1:41] Engagement is where we spend time and engage with those people that have taken an interest in our posts and videos. It’s also where we would find our perfect audience and engage with their posts, creating conversations and discussions with them. Engagement is commenting, liking, sharing and adding value on someone’s post.

[2:41] Engagement is where you and engage back with that person who liked or commented on your post and create a conversation that could lead that person into a customer.

Importance of Engaging

[4:04] Social media is a two-way communication channel. The platforms would like us want to engage back with our audience and create discussions, and conversations. They don’t just want us to be a one-way communication channel, basically a broadcaster!

[5:21] Engagement is an essential part of your social media strategy to get as much organic reach as possible.

[6:46]Engagement is an essential part of your strategy because the different platform algorithms would like us to engage to keep people longer on the platform.

Three key tips when it comes to engagement

[7:35] Number one, increase your engagement, but also make sure that you satisfy the algorithms and you’re doing as much engagement as you can, but not spending too much time, but being effective with it.

[11:23] The next one is to check your inbox. You never know if anything slipped through there that you’ve missed that. It’s essential to make sure you get back to people. Even if it’s something that you can’t help with, don’t ignore it.

[14:56] The third tip is to go and find your perfect audience. Go and find them, it’s like going to a networking event where you know your target audience will be hanging out. So the key to this is you need to know who your audience is first. If you would like my target audience sheet click here — >>

[19:49] The next thing is to make sure that you engage at the right time. Fifteen minutes before posting, engage with your audience. You will then find they will come back and look at your profile, check you out, and when you post you will find your engagement will increase.

[21:00] Try engaging yourself with them at least three times a week. If all you do is post without engagements, you are wasting your time and effort. Make sure you check your analytics to keep track of the increase or decrease of engagements.

 Key Quotes:

 [4:36 – 4:47] “Algorithms and platforms change as years pass by—platforms now want us to be a two-way communication channel.”

[22:00 – 22:07] “Make sure to do this engagement process—take the right step and action, and it will go a long way.”

[22:40 – 22:51] “Engagement with your audience is a vital part of your social media journey. Without it, you will be clueless about what your audience needs—it’s a place of feedback and key conversation.”


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