Social Media Graphic – The Answers.

Thursday 30th June was Social Media day, so to celebrate this I created a graphic with 20 different social media tools and channels in it.

So what are the 20 social media tools and channels located in the graphic?




Addictomatic enables you to create a custom page with the latest news on any topic.



77-behance-512Behance allows you to view online portfolios uploaded by creative professionals; you can create your own portfolio and broadcast it.



Blogger allows you to create a time stamped blog with ease. It’s a fantastic website for anyone who is looking to start blogging but doesn’t want to spend weeks/months building a website. It’s layout is easy to navigate too so you can upload blogs with ease.


buffer logo png


Buffer helps you to share twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more with ease.



Canva allows you to create graphics for social media for free. There are templates available on the website so you can easily make graphics perfect for social media with ease.




Dropbox allows you to store all kind of files online, such as images, spreadsheets and more. You can then share these with others if you wish.


Facebook png


The most popular social network in the world, this one needs no explaining!




Flipboard is your own personal magazine; it allows you to collect together all the stories that interest you.




Google plus is a social network that underwent a significant redesign in November 2015. It has many diverse features and functions.




Instagram. My personal favourite social media network of them all. Instagram is a photo sharing social network which has around 500 million daily users. 




Kingsumo is a tool helping you to grow your WordPress traffic.





Linkedin is basically the business version of Facebook. It is the most popular social network   for business on the internet and is used by millions everyday in the business world.



Manage Flitter is a tool that enables you to follow specific people by searching up keywords, locations, etc. You can also unfollow people who are unactive, speak another language or are not following you back.




Meerkat allows you to stream live videos from all over the world.





Pinterest is a photo sharing app where users can upload save and share images. These are known as pins. There are many ways to create a pinterest account, including making one via Twitter or Facebook.



Sendible is a social media management tool that enables you to schedule posts across a variety of networks. You can also use the website to measure your social media channels so you can see how they are performing.





Snapchat is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media apps. Snapchat have enhanced their app so businesses can now use it and feel the full effects of the network and its ever growing number of daily users.



Another household name in the social media industry, although not as popular as Facebook, twitter is a huge social network that has become the centre of attention for businesses. If you’re business isn’t on twitter, you’re missing out. 



wordpress logo png


WordPress is used by millions to build websites. With hundreds of different themes available along with numerous plugins and more available wordpress is a fantastic website to start building your website. It’s content management system is fantastic too.



And finally, Youtube. How could we not include it? Launched back in February 2005, 6 billion hours of video are now watched on Youtube every month. It’s in a league of it’s own.


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