ZC LIVE 2018 – Kent’s Social Media & Digital Event

Friday 1st of June saw the success of ZC LIVE – Kent’s Social Media & Digital Event – hosted at Strood Academy. The event designed to help delegates learn how to accelerate their digital and social media marketing. Whether it be watching talks by professionals, networking throughout the day with other attendees, or even take up the opportunity to get some well-deserved exposure through live videos on other company’s media platforms.

Social media can seem daunting, and it changes rapidly with where and how to post in the hopes of gaining attraction. For those who are weary of how social media works as a business tool, ZC LIVE provided credible, well explained sources to aid those wanting to expand, giving examples on how to utilise every opportunity available in growing their market.

BTA and ZC Social Media
Networking at ZC LIVE
The morning was kicked off with breakfast, sponsored by BTA & Core Meal Prep, and while people enjoyed some delicious pancakes, it gave them the chance to network with those around.

The main event

Zoe Cairns kicked off the official day with a quick introduction to ZC Live, followed by Matthew Scott, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner. He began by discussing how to stay safe on social media by refraining from posting content that could have an effect on someone’s personal life, or even worse, their livelihood. The day continued a consistent track of key speakers giving their expert insight on how to stay on track with social media.
Zoe Cairns introducing ZC LIVE
Zoe Cairns introducing ZC LIVE

Such examples were Ralph Meyer from LinkedIn, Andy Lambert from Content Cal hosting a workshop for content creation, Amy McManus from AM Marketing doing a content bite session based around YouTube use, Mark Jennings from Stormchasers holding a workshop called ‘Google My Business’, and many more.
Numerous attendees found brilliant opportunities at our event, leaving inspired to take their own business and aspirations to the next level using the advice received, and even with some new contacts! Everyone also received a goody bag courtesy of us, and who doesn’t love a goody bag?

If you use social media daily for your business, then be sure to keep your eye out for next year’s ZC LIVE event, which will be even bigger and better than this years! It’s a great way to learn how to become a successful influencer within your field, increase your leads via digital marketing, learn from Kent Industry leaders, and much, much more.

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