Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

Believe it or not, YouTube isn’t only a platform where funny cat videos are shared, but a multi-million-pound business where you can promote and grow your business! YouTube is a massive social media platform with 1 billion active accounts monthly.

Many successful businesses such as Apple, McDonald’s and Beats by Dre all expand their company at a giant rate. When Apple revealed their ‘Introducing iPhone 7’ video they racked up over 23 million views!

Why wouldn’t you want to promote your business on YouTube… But where would I even start?

This is probably what you’re thinking right now. Well, there are three questions you
need to ask yourself before even making a YouTube account;

1) What is the goal of my companies YouTube channel?

Now, this is the easy question, it all depends on your company and your audience. Are you looking to inform people of your services or products you sell, are you looking to advertise your company, persuade people to buy your product/service or are you looking to educate your customers and give them information about your company?

There are many more reasons why you may want to start a YouTube channel, just think of that reason and focus on doing that one task.

2) What am I going to feature on my YouTube channel?

The content on your YouTube channel is the most important part. If you have good and well-made content, your viewers will think you’re a professional company, but if you have poor and low-quality content then this may give off the wrong impression.

The best way to decide the content you would like to upload is by doing research on other companies YouTube channels and see what works for them. For example, if you own a car modification company and you see that your competition is posting tutorial videos on car modification and the videos rack up a lot of views, then you should try making your own.

It is very important not to copy anyone else’s video, you must put your own twist on it, but this part is very much trial and error. Some videos will be popular and get views, but some wouldn’t, you should just keep producing good content that you’re passionate about.

3) Do I have the skills and equipment to make good videos?

A lot of people grab their phones, start filming something, then post it on YouTube, this is what we call ‘trash’ content; because no one wants to watch a video with poor and terrible sound. If you’re going to produce videos, make them with a high standard so everyone can enjoy watching them. I’m not talking about multi-million-pound film quality but just good enough where people can understand the message you’re putting across.

Video production starts with the camera, find yourself a good camera and microphone and play around with them, get to know how to use them, then once you’re comfortable with both pieces of equipment start filming your content.

When it comes to editing your videos most operating systems comes with basic video editing programs which if you are a small business will be fine to use. If you are a bigger company you may want to employ someone to do all your filming and editing for you and they will normally produce it at a much higher standard, but that depends all on the size of your business and the skills you have.

Once you have thought about all these questions you are pretty much ready to go, there are many more aspects of YouTube that you will learn on the way of developing your channel, such as an upload plan and interacting with your viewers to name a few.

So, could YouTube benefit your business?

Let me know down below in the comments!

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