Why could an Apprenticeship be the best pathway for you?

So, many people think that going to University is the be-all and end-all of life, and I’m sure that a couple of decades ago it probably was; but that was before doing an Apprenticeship course became popular.

As a child, I always wanted to go to University because that was seen as the ‘done thing’, that was what I was told at school, watched on TV, read in books and saw in films. However, as I started to grow older, I discovered the cost of University and the pressure that it would put on me. It wasn’t only that which put me off, but the lack of guaranteed jobs when you graduate. I believe that unless you know 100% what career path you want in life (which most 16-18 year olds don’t) then it isn’t worth it. I believe that in that time you could be gaining work experience, travelling or finding a career path that you like. That was when I discovered the benefit of Apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship vs University

Personally, I think that Apprenticeships are great because not only are you constantly learning and attending classes (with a tutor that will set and mark your work for you) but you are gaining work experience as well. The majority of employers now, don’t solely look for grades, they look for experience; just because you look good on paper, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are good in the practical setting.

Another massive difference between University and an Apprenticeship is that whilst you’re at University, you are paying £9,000+ a year, however, with an Apprenticeship, you are being paid to learn, what more can you ask for!

For me, an Apprenticeship is the start to my career, I am learning on the job and guaranteed a placement afterwards, with tonnes of work experience in my chosen field! If you are in a position in your life where you are unsure on your next step, an Apprenticeship is definitely worth considering. Especially if you believe that Uni isn’t for you or if you feel that you are stuck in life.

I believe that it gives you a wider base to work from. For example, my Apprenticeship is in Digital Marketing at ZC Social Media, I believe that this will open many doors for me because Digital Marketing is a forever growing field. This doesn’t limit my options because companies are in constant demand for Website Designers, Social Media Managers and Marketing Managers. The senior members of ZC Social Media are extremely supportive, as well as all of the staff at my Apprenticeship provider, Middleton Murray.

Middleton Murray are a great Apprenticeship provider to get in touch with if you need help choosing the right course or pathway for your future, with an extensive list of courses.

Further details visit www.middletonmurray.com

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