The Importance of Visual Content – Infographic

The importance of Visual Content

Creating content for social media is key, nowadays one of the first places people will check out a company on is social media (1st being their website), therefore first impressions count. You don’t want potential clients to look at your social media and see dull, boring content, you want to catch people’s attention – this is where visual content comes into place.

You should always aim to create engaging content – this can be done in so many different ways. From branded graphics to photography of behind the scenes of a company to live videos, all this content is important when planning your social media strategy. Video in 2017 is the top form of content that is receiving the most amount of engagement, even if you don’t like being in front of the camera – give it a go and see what sort of reaction your brand gets out of it!

Below is an infographic I’ve created sharing the statistics behind why you should be using visual content and some ideas to help you get started. Have you got any good visual content ideas that aren’t mentioned below? Share them with us!

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