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Ep7. Facebook Five – Facebook Business Manager or Business Suite?


In this episode of The Trust Podcast, Zoe Cairns is on the show to share her thoughts, insights, and strategies on how you can leverage the Facebook Five for your business and coaching endeavours. The Facebook Five – Business Manager, Business Suite, Creator Studio, Live Producer, and New Page Experience – are tools embedded in Facebook that businesses can utilize to expand their reach, grow and communicate with the audience, and create content.

If you are a business owner looking to improve your social media presence, don’t miss this episode!

Facebook Five: Business Manager

[03:23] The Business Manager controls and looks after your business pages. It allows you to control who will be the admin, analysts, creators, or even the agency you might bring to manage your page or ads. It is your solution if you want to run, place, or track Facebook and Instagram ads.

[04:12] The Business Manager also allows you to manage your product catalog and helps you syncing your e-commerce website and your page easier through Facebook.

[06:36] If you are the business owner or part of the marketing team, ensure that you have access to managing the Business Manager to manage your assets. It’s crucial to have control over it.

[07:13] Make sure you have more than one admin on your page because if there ever comes a time where you got hacked, at least there is one admin that can help you recover it. Otherwise, all of your efforts in/to growing that page will be lost. And make sure that the person you set as admin is/are the people you trust or someone who’s on the business with you.

Facebook Five: Business Suite

[08:16] If the Business Manager is controlled at the core level of your business, the Business Suite can be controlled by your marketing assistant or social media manager. The Business Suite is about communication and engagement with your audience across multiple platforms – Facebook and Instagram.

[09:41] Facebook used to have the “Pages App,” but it was replaced with the Business Suite, an improved version.

Facebook Five: Creator Studio

[10:42] On the first of July, Facebook Insights starts disappearing from the backend of your Facebook pages. Why? Because it has now been integrated into the Creator Studio and Business Suite.

[11:58] The Creator Studio focuses on creating and managing your content. It allows you to create stories, manage your videos, schedule feed posts, and even provide in-depth video analytics. If you are a content creator, Facebook has the “Facebook Stars” or “Fan Subscriptions” if you want to make money from the platform.

[13:22] The Creator Studio can be utilized better via desktop because you can stay away from distractions with your phone and provides a better layout and view than accessing the tool on mobile.

Facebook Five: Live Producer

[14:38] When you go to your Facebook page via desktop and see a “Create a Post” button that says “Live,” clicking the “Live” button takes you to the Live Producer. Although you can use OBS or Ecamm for a better live viewing experience, Facebook introduced new features that can make your life interactive if you are a beginner.

[15:11] The Live Producer now allows you to “Cross Post” to multiple pages within Facebook at once. It also allows you to promote a group when you go live, and people can simply click on it and join. If you are a charity, you can also add a donation button that would show on stream.

[16:53] It also lets you add polls and ask live questions on stream that would show the results live. If someone asks a question, you can then feature that question on stream that would pop on screen. This makes an interactive experience between you, as the broadcaster, and your audience.

[17:57] Not only that, it allows you to put graphics on your live videos and even put a featured link – which is monumental if you want to drive traffic to a website you want them to go to.

Facebook Five: New Page Experience

[19:29] With the New Page Experience slowly rolling out, the Likes would disappear in Facebook pages. Only the Follow metric would be shown. The tool also allows you to use your business page just like your personal Facebook account.

[20:26] What does it entail? It means you can join a Facebook group and interact with other business pages as a business entity. The New Page Experience also shows a newsfeed of pages that you followed.


[22:40] In conclusion, the Business Manager is your overall tool to manage your social media assets such as your Facebook & Instagram pages, audience lists, and product catalogs. The Business Suite is about community interactions and responding across multiple platforms. The Creator Studio is about content creation and management. The Live Producer is cross-posting and interactive streaming, and the New Page Experience is to take your business page experience to the next level.


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