Ep 3. Increase Your Engagement & Leads by Being Consistent on Social Media

How can you stay more consistent on social media, spend less time on planning content but still get some great and better results? We all know that marketing and lead generations is an important aspect of our business, and if you can plan your social media activities, you can consistently and effectively create quality content, save time, and engage more with your audience. In this episode of Trust Podcast, Zoe Cairns shares some of the strategic key steps to make sure that you stay organized and effective on your social media content planning.

Being Consistent on Social Media    

Block Out Time

2:28 This is the first step to planning your content. Make sure you’re consistent on social media. Block out some time in your diary that you’re going to sit down and think about those content ideas that you’re going to plan, research and create that content for the month ahead. Think about those key points that you really want to put out and those focus areas that you really want to focus on.

3:00 The first step is putting it in the diary, and setting that time aside. Now the biggest thing is once you’ve set it in the diary, you’ve got a stick to it. If we don’t stick to it, and we get distracted, something else comes up. You really need to be strict with yourself. You need to make sure there’s no distractions that is going to take you away from that booking in your diary. You really do need to make sure that you stick to that time, and you allocate it to that planning of your social media activities.

Know Your Audience

4:27  If you know your audience well, it makes it so much easier when it comes to creating the content that’s going to get the engagement and also get the results that you’re looking for.

5:16 When we’re talking about knowing your audience, we use a couple of tools to really analyze what and who our audience are and what other pages that they might be communicating on or engage in on. There’s a tool called Facebook Audience Insights.

5:55 Facebook Audience Insights is a tool that sits on the back end of Facebook, it’s on our ads manager, and it gives us all the demographics and interests of everyone on Facebook.

6:47 With Facebook Audience Insights, you can save that audience and use it for future ads.

7:39 It’s so important to know your audience because if you don’t know your audience, it’s then that you can’t actually then start to look into what are their pains and challenges.

Researching the Pain and Challenges and What Types of Content You Can Be Delivering to Your Audience

9:45 These ideas can be key points, that you can really repurpose multiple bits of content to post out across social media. It’s going to really save you time.

10:25 Think about what are those pains and challenges and what key posts can you create around it. If you create a blog post, or take out key points from that blog post and create an Instagram story, create a Facebook Live, create a podcast from it, and create a video for YouTube, create a quote post, and some great ideas there.

Planning is a Key

11:39 To start to plan that content, put it out into a content planner.

11:52 Having a plan is important, it’s actually going to save you time each day to do you know some more important things in set.


12:16  Creating of content is making sure that you’ve put your brand across with the right tone of voice, colors, the right fonts, and the right templates.

12:37 Canva is a great tool that can really start helping you create some amazing looking images, and content posts for your social media.

12:54 Get the time to create and put your ideas into content that your audience is going to love and engage with.

Engage Each Day

13:14 Engage in each day is really important when it comes down to the algorithms of some of the social media platforms.

13:26 Facebook, and Instagram, and LinkedIn and Twitter have algorithms that sit behind where you when you post and they determine how much reach organically your posts will get.

14:11 What also comes down to the algorithms is how much you’re engaging with your community. Engagement is a really important part of your social media activities.

14:55 Engagement can be from commenting to people that have commented on your post first, it could be going to engage with your target audience, it could be engaging on different hashtags of where your target audience might be hanging out, it could be looking at similar people that do similar things to you and finding out what other profiles they’re engaging on, and engaging with key people, and getting involved in discussions within groups.

16:11 The platforms will see that if you’re not engaging, and that you’re just broadcasting various scheduling tool, you will see a decrease in your reach and the number of people seeing your posts. It’s important that you’re going in there on a daily or every other day to go and engage with your audience and really build those conversations.

Key Quotes:

[00:37-00:41] “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”

[13:57-14:10] “The more quality posts you put out there, the more engagement you will get and the more results driven to your call to action, the more people that will see your post organically, and the more the algorithms will love you.”

[14:32- 14:50] “The time that you would have spent on thinking about what you were going to post each day, you can go and spend on engaging and networking with key people in the social media platforms and building key conversations and relationships with people that can then convert from conversations into customers.”

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