Ep 2. What is Clubhouse? How do I get an invite?

In this episode of The Trust Podcast, Zoe Cairns is on the show to share her experiences using Clubhouse, an upcoming social media platform taking the world by storm. With Zoe’s sought-after skills in social media, she worked alongside various business-entities. Zoe shared her thoughts on navigating through Clubhouse, rooms, clubs, and what should be your mindset going in as a viewer or as a speaker.

What is Clubhouse?

[2:13] It’s an audio-based social media platform that feels like listening to podcasts all day. It contains so much information that the amount of content you can digest is inconceivable. You can find people there of their respective expertise.

[3:28] Find people in your network that can invite you to join the app. It is still in beta and currently accessible for iOS only. You can only invite people that are in your contact list and make sure that they join; otherwise, it would be a wasted invitation if given to Android users that cannot access it at the moment.

[5:32] The Clubhouse is an excellent opportunity to build your network and get in front of people you have never met before.

[6:08] You can find people by names or by rooms, but you cannot find them by location. If your business is geographically-based, it might not be a good time, but if you view it as a chance to learn and improve your current knowledge of the market, it is a remarkable opportunity. You will understand the burning questions that have been in your mind for a very long time.

[8:55] It’s better to be successful in one platform where you share your content on and get excellent results than multiple platforms where you spread too thinly, inactive, left behind the dust and unseen.

[10:31] This platform is not the place to do your sales pitch. This is the place to allow your audience to know more about you and ask questions on the challenge they face at the moment. You provide them quality-content and it will encourage them to find out more about you.

Should you jump on the hype train?

[11:14] There is hype around it, even much more than TikTok. Perhaps it is just how someone provides quality content and an ease of usage on the platform.

[12:14] It opens up opportunity to get in there, talk to people, and ask questions to people you never expected to be in the same room as you.

[12:57] It helps reconnect past acquaintances that you have not spoken into for a while. It makes you think about using the platform to progress yourself forward and create great collaborations from it.


Visualizing and Navigating Clubhouse

[13:56] Imagine walking in a hallway of a massive conference center. There are many doors in a conference center with signs that tells you what event is going on; this is what Clubhouse is like. Like a conference, you get into a room where you can enter or leave as you please quietly.

[16:10] If you want to stay, you can see a hand symbol on the bottom left of your screen, tapping it signifies raising a hand to ask a question. The speaker will then choose in a group of people “raising their hands” to answer. If you are selected, make sure to turn on your microphone until you are asked to show proper etiquette.

[17:32] This is not all about the number of people tuning in your room, but the quality and value you contribute to the conversation. Some of the powerful rooms are the smallest ones.

[18:39] Make sure that you are choosing the appropriate name and description for the room to attract your target audience instead of choosing generic ones. If you are hosting your room for the first time, never be shy. Building the conversation starts from somewhere.

[20:03] If your audience is enjoying the content, you can ask them to share your room by tapping the plus symbol to invite their friends and their contacts that might be interested in listening to your content.

How Followers Work in Clubhouse

[20:39] You should unlearn all the things that you have learned on other social media platforms. The algorithm in Clubhouse looks at how you engage in different rooms, invite people to your room, how people follow you and getting reminders for your upcoming events. It is not all about to your follower count but the quality of the content you are putting out and how many people find the rooms you are holding useful.

[21:59] Going for a “Follow for a Follow” room will get you followers that are not relevant to your target audience.

Creating your Room

[22:53] Don’t be nervous. It is excellent to hold your own room and invite moderators that can add tremendous value on what you wanted to do.

[24:28] Do it with people, since it is all about collaboration. You may do it alongside with three or four people and have them invite their networks in your room. It adds excellent value since you have people with varying opinions with different takes on the content you are sharing.

[25:04] Make sure to create bullet points of the things you want to cover. Don’t panic that no one is going to join, you can start speaking and wait for people to tune in. Talk about the key points that would make your room engaging.

Clubs in Clubhouse

[26:23] Clubs hold rooms. Have your members join your club and when you create a room in that club, your members will get a notification that you started a room. You need to have done free consistent rooms over three weeks for it to be approved as a club.

How do you Monetize this?

[27:40] This is not about you selling. This is about creating opportunities for people to get to know more about you and the services that you offer. Connecting your profile to Twitter and Instagram will them get across. Your quality content will help you convert it to sales if done correctly.

[29:15] If you have masterclasses or a website, put it in your bio. Put how your content will help people, and make sure to include your key credentials. Be disciplined; this is highly addictive. Be responsible for the learnings that you get and allocate time efficiently.

[31:49] You can schedule your room by tapping the little calendar at the top. People who scheduled in your room will get a reminder and see what is going on through their calendar. If you swipe left when you are in the “hallway”, you will the people you are following and the rooms they are in. This will be a good indicator of what rooms are highly engaging and acceptable content.

[32:49] You can also do closed-rooms with the people you are following. It is a room not open to the public.

Key Quotes:

[22:33 – 22:36] “We know from other platforms that followers are a vanity metric.”

[29:45 – 29:54] “My goal is not to monetize but to provide value, superb quality knowledge, and build a great network of people.”


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