Traditional or Social Media Marketing?

We are really honoured to have a guest blog from our favourite marketing lady Kelly Long, Director of Kelly Loves Marketing.

Kelly would like to share with you;

“Traditional or Social Media Marketing

The battle of social media vs traditional marketing”

When I started in marketing social media did not exist. I remember thinking what is this Facebook stuff? Social Media? Here we go another buzz word to add to the list. But now (and my husband will tell you) I spend my life absorbed in social media, I’m pretty much on every platform going. Some I like more than others. I’m not a huge fan of Facebook from a personal level but from a business page point of view I think it’s still a great tool. Twitter my favourite and quickly followed by Pinterest, as sad as it maybe these are the first things I check when I wake up and the last things I check whilst hiding under my duvet before my husband catches me sneaking that last little peak. I’m obsessed by increasing my Klout score. Currently my score is 62, so I’m in the top 10% of social media users. 

I think due to my marketing roots of traditional offline marketing as a freelance marketing consultant I like to offer a mix of traditional and social media marketing. It’s this combination that I adore and find really exciting. In the digital age we too often forget about our previous marketing methods. If there was a battle of social media vs traditional marketing, I don’t think there would be a clear winner. From my experience finding a balance and integrating both traditional and social media works best to achieve maximum exposure and increase your opportunities.


Traditional Marketing
Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

I highly recommend using both social media and traditional marketing tactics like print advertising, sending direct mail and attending networking events, are still all essential.

However, for most, social media marketing is now a critical component of an effective marketing strategy. In fact, I believe that social media marketing works best when combined with other marketing activities, especially email marketing.



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