Tagging Etiquette – To Tag Or Not To Tag?

When it comes to using social media as a business, tagging people and organisations can be a great way to gain coverage and to generate a bigger audience for your product or service. There are many advantages to tagging an influential individual or group, but the art of tagging should also be considered with great care and wisdom. We’re going to be looking at tagging etiquette, and when the right time to tag someone in a post truly is.

A Point Of Clarification – When Not To Tag

To begin with, it is wise to make sure that everyone is aware of one of the unspoken rules of tagging, as it is vital for a healthy social media presence. When you tag people, you should not tag them in absolutely everything. If you have a sponsor or another business that you are collaborating with, one of the fastest ways to damage the working relationship is to constantly be tagging them in content which is not relevant and instead just clutters up their news feed. There are certain times in which tagging is a good thing, and more than a few instances when tagging is not a wise course of action.

So, When Should I Tag Someone?

If you’re reading this, you may well be asking yourself the question, ‘when should I tag a sponsor or a business partner?’. The best times that you should tag someone is when you have relevant and engaging content. You’ll just irritate people by tagging them in every post. For example, if you were collaborating with another company or individual to create a line of clothing, tagging them into the summer sales isn’t relevant to the project you’re all working on together. The followers of that person or company will be more interested in the union between you and your partners, and the products or services which are created as a result of that partnership.

In much the same way, sponsors should only be tagged into dynamic and engaging content and only the areas that they’ve chosen to sponsor. With any luck, they’ll also be tagging you into their posts about the collaboration, and so both your followers and theirs will see the posts and become interested in what you have to offer. Furthermore, if the service you’re tagging people and companies into isn’t related to the products they are trying to promote, they’re not benefitting from the tag at all, and this may change their outlook on the partnership and your company.

Overall, you want to come across as a professional organisation, and by tagging people correctly, you help to consolidate that image. By making sure that the content is pertinent to the partnership, and that you aren’t tagging people with too much frequency, you’re helping to drive up interest in the service or product. As well as this, you’re also coming across as experienced users of social media, which can be very beneficial to you in a world where social media platforms allow you to connect with influential people and companies who have a lot of followers and support.

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