We can now broadcast LIVE videos on twitter via Periscope!

How exciting! I am loving this new app connected to twitter called Periscope.

Periscope is a mobile app we can download from the Apple iTunes (Only available for iOS at the moment).

It is a twitter owned tool that allows us to broadcast LIVE from anywhere in the world allowing our twitter followers to watch, engage with a comment and send a heart to show they like what they see.

Periscope can notify us when the people we follow on twitter are LIVE broadcasting as well.

The comment feature in periscope allows us to start engaging with the broadcaster in real time, allowing us to be part of the LIVE situation.

So how can we use Periscope for business?

There are many ways we can use Periscope for our business to expand the reach of our message and presence.

The most important thing we have to remember is that we need to provide valuable content to our audience.

Behind The Scenes

You can do a LIVE stream of your company and team behind the scenes at your workplace! Let your fans see your typical day in the office. This will build up a rapport with your community and they will start to build that know like and trust with you.

Company News

A perfect place to LIVE broadcast your latest company news. Share and wait for the feedback. Great for announcements and hot off the press news!

New Product Launch

Are you releasing a new product or service? Would you like to share it with your followers LIVE! Get more reach and more exposure by sharing a demonstration and the features of the new product. You can also allow your followers to comment and ask questions on certain features.

Clinics or Q & A Forums

Run a LIVE Q & A Forum for your followers or even call it a clinic. Answer their questions in real time and also expand the reach of your knowledge to their followers too.

Share an experience

Share a business situation, speaking opportunity or trip with your peers who would love to do something similar. Allow them to experience the situation with you. Gain that engagement of your followers who may ask more questions but also build a stronger connection with you for sharing.

I can think of many more ways where you can use Periscope in your business, the above ways are a great way to get started.

How about you give it a try?

Let me know how you get on. Share your success, challenges and questions with me in the comments below.

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