Create new leads and enquiries from existing LinkedIn connections

There are so many companies budgeting and spending their marketing funds on trying to find new potential clients when we actually have a great feature that is free for us to use and just takes our time and commitment to put into action.

Time management is an issue for most businesses, but if we all knew that a specific LinkedIn feature could actually generate leads that then converted into new clients, I believe we would all be using it effectively and on a regular basis.
Some of us don’t even realise that this feature is available, some of us do but just don’t use it effectively.
I am going to share with you this great feature. I have been using this feature on LinkedIn for a while now. Like I mentioned earlier it is a free feature on LinkedIn, but just requires your time to spend on who you are looking for, and then making contact with your most trusted connections.
The feature is called ” Get Introduced”. The “Get Introduced” option features on someone’s LinkedIn profile next to the “Connect or Send Invite” button when you click on the drop down blue button. ( As shown in picture below).
Get Introduced Feature
Get Introduced Feature
Get Introduced enables you to be introduced to someone that your 1st/2nd connections are connected to. It shows you the strength of the relationship you have with that connection that could introduce you. The new introduction could lead to a new potential client or influencer within your target audience.
Ideally you would like to find a connection that you have a strong connection with. Someone that is connected with that person that can give you a good testimonial or who knows your work. 
Remember that the contact that you are asking to introduce you to the new contact will consider their own reputation when making an introduction. 
Please don’t feel offended if they refuse to make the introduction as this could happen in many cases:
  • They have only just met the connection themselves
  • They don’t know the contact well enough to introduce you
  • They may not see your message where they don’t use LinkedIn as often as you.
  • Or its something they are not familar with or wish to share!
Firstly you need to think about the kind of people and businesses that you would like to work with. You can then use the “Advanced Search” feature on LinkedIn to find these people.
Secondly you can then find out which of your current connections are connected to this person and when you click on the “Get Introduced” it will bring up a message box that will ask you the following:
  • What you would like your message to be to the person that will be connecting you?
  • What you would like to say to the person you are going to be introduced to?
Once you have completed this you can then send the message via LinkedIn and await your introduction!
This is one of our regular activities within our marketing strategy of gaining new business. We are utilising the power of our existing connections of whom we have built relationships and who would be happy to recommend us to new connections.
Hope this blog has helped you gain some ideas on how to find new leads!
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