Who should I connect with on LinkedIn?

“Should I accept a LinkedIn Connection Invite from someone I don’t know?” This is a question I get regularly asked by many of our students and attendees when speaking.

My answer is “It depends on your LinkedIn Strategy. What are you using LinkedIn to achieve?”

For example if your goal for LinkedIn is to build your network within your region, build your online presence and awareness and gain more enquiries. Then I would say that accepting invitations with people you don’t already know should be considered but with the following criteria:

  1. Is that person situated in the area you would like to do business in?
  2. Could they be a potential client or an influencer who could get your message out to your target audience?
  3. Do they have a profile pic and completed their profile? This will indicate if they are using their LinkedIn profile and not just building numbers of connections.

LinkedIn Connections

If your strategy however is to work with your existing connections and establish a rapport, build a know like and trust, and really utilise the connections of your existing network, then I would say accepting invitations from people you don’t already know would not be on the path of your strategy.

I would go back to basics and think about why it is you are using LinkedIn, what is your strategy for using the tool?

Once this is established it’s then you need to consider the criteria and questions in which you need to ask yourself when you receive a LinkedIn Connection Invite.

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