Using Sendible to build your Instagram followers

As we all run busy lives and businesses, sometimes it’s hard to give our full attention to social media.
In this blog, I will show you how to automatically gain new followers and build that following on Instagram.

AUTOMATICALLY I hear you SAY! Yes, that’s right!
If you are doing social media the correct way then this addition is a great add-on.

Remember social media is all about conversation, that means engaging with your followers. This is a rule us marketers live by and for good reason. The video is an addition to your social media marketing mix.

Select the image below to see the video or click here to find out more.


Quick tips for building your presence on Instagram

1. Always reply to people’s comments on your post
2. Be proactive on Instagram and find your influencers to engage with
3. Always use hashtags in Instagram to build your reach

I use no more than twelve different hash tags on each of my posts. Try HashMe app on the iPhone or for Android users you can use an equivalent app in the play store.

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