What is the most used Social Media Platform and how can it benefit your business?

There are many different social media platforms out there, with the common function of connecting you with your friends, family and people with the same interests, but how is this relevant to your company?

Recently, social media platforms have been created for the use of business, such as LinkedIn, however, this may not be the most effective way to create awareness for your company and get the word out there. Ebizmba have found that Facebook is, in fact, the most used site with more than 1.55 billion monthly active users! In the 12 years that Facebook has been running, it has grown massively, from starting with just a few college students to having celebrity fan pages, businesses, charitable organisations – just to name a few!

1-55-billion-active-monthly-usersHow can this help your business?

This can be great to promote your business because it’s not specified to just one age group, the users range from all ages, backgrounds, levels of education, jobs and interests meaning that you have a large base to put your message and products out to. Facebook allows you to write status’, post photos, videos, create pages and more importantly, engage with your audience. Within a successful company, engagement is key!

What is Facebook Live?

A new feature that Facebook released earlier this year – Facebook live – can be a great tool if you use it to your advantage. Facebook live is a feature that allows you to record in real time and keep your followers updated on your latest promotions, features and changes to your company.

Secondly, this can be useful to collect feedback from your customers if you find it hard to keep up with engagements on other social network sites. You can also use it to hold question and answer sessions; to connect with your audience when you get a spare moment. This shows that you don’t mind going that extra mile to connect, also that you care about your service users. It also helps you build that personal relationship with them, which is very important.

Another way that you can use this to your advantage is to show your audience real time footage of launch events for your latest products or for promotion events to keep your audience connected and feel that they are there too.

What is your favourite form of social media? Let us know in the comments below.

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