The top mistakes you are making on Social Media

Everyone knows the importance of using social media for business and the benefits you can gain from being online but are you spending enough time on social?, Social media won’t increase your business overnight, you need to keep at it in order to see results. This means you need to put time aside to focus on your social media – this doesn’t mean you have to spend hours every week on social media, you just need to ensure you are spending enough time in order for you to see results. There are a lot of key things businesses are doing online that are affecting their social media efforts, so what are they?

  1. You’re joining too many social media sites.

There are over 200 social media sites but this doesn’t mean you need to be on all of them! When we ask people why they are on certain social media sites they respond with, “Other people are so I thought we needed to be”, this isn’t the correct answer we are looking for! You should be on social media platforms because that’s where your target audience are, joining sites because others are and not because you should be on them is a total waste of your time. Every social media site has a different audience and you should only be on the sites in which your audience are.

  1. You aren’t engaging with your audience.

Too many people use social media just to broadcast their services – this won’t help your business online (this is just seen as spamming). People buy from people, therefore, you should be using social media to build relationships with others not just bombarding them with your latest products.

So how can you engage with others?

Start conversations online, did someone you follow upload a really interesting blog? Let them know! Just a simple response to others posts shows that you aren’t a one-way promotional account. Another way to engage with others online is to repost others content (as long as it’s relevant to you and your sector). Engagement is key!

  1. You aren’t following the right people

Your followers are key to helping you build your presence online, the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity. Having thousands of followers isn’t going to help your business online if they aren’t relevant people, you need to focus on ensuring you are building your online community with the relevant people in it. You need to think about the age range, gender and location of your audience and find them online.

  1. You aren’t using relevant hashtags

Hashtags are great for your tweets as long as you are using relevant ones, you need to make sure that firstly the hashtags you are using are going to being ones in which people will search for – you can check these using tools such as hashme, you always need to ensure they are relevant to your business and what you are posting about. If you’re tweeting about social media, for example, adding #pugs into your tweet will be pointless as this hashtag doesn’t relate to your post. Another key thing you need to ensure when including hashtags is that you aren’t using too many in your post – we recommend no more than 2-3 as using more than this comes across as spamming.

Do you often make any of these mistakes? Will you be changing your approach on social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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