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Tips on how to use Instagram Stories for your business

What are Instagram Stories?

Have you ever come across Snapchat? Especially the Snapchat Story? That is exactly what Instagram stories are like. Instagram describes the Instagram Story as something that lets you share the moments of your day, not just the one you want to keep on your feed. Instagram Story features were added in August 2016 after Facebook bought Instagram.

Instagram stories are designed to make you post multiple pictures and videos which will last for 24 hours.

Your Stories are to capture and showcase your day, whereas your feed is to sum up your day!

Why you should consider using Instagram stories for your business?

Over 500 million Instagram users use the Story feature and it is one of the best ways to increase your reach, impressions and build brand awareness. Over the last couple of years, Instagram has found ways to make its stories more engaging, human, to start conversations whilst getting user feedback.

Any business owner who is eager to use modern trends to build their business will recognise the importance of using Instagram Stories.

Tips on how to use Instagram stories for your business
  1. Using Stories Ads

Instagram has made things easy for businesses by introducing Story ads.  With Instagram Story ads, you can reach over 200 million users. All you have to do is know the Instagram ad specs that go in line with Stories, select your target audience and go on to create your story sized ads.

  1. Creating Interactive content

Instagram stories are all about fun, creativity, but most importantly must be aligned to your end goal and objectives.  Get creative with your posts by using different interactive means to engage with your followers. At ZC Social Media we love polls.  When you create polls that your customers can relate to you can start to build those conversations with your potential customers and followers.  You can use them for market research, customer feedback and even use polls to start those key conversations with your followers, doing this makes you know what your customers are looking for!

Another interactive feature on stories is the use of the Question sticker.

This is a great avenue for you to know what your customers need and also helps promote customer interaction. This feature enables your customers to ask you questions and also get the response to a question you have for them! Stories enable us to interact back with our audience by responding to their answers via a video story and even direct messages.

Reaction stickers too are not to be left out. These allow your followers to interact with your story by reacting with an emoji J

Don’t forget to use the countdown stickers to also build up the momentum for an event, a new product or a big announcement you want your followers to know about. The sticker can also be clicked on for them to be reminded!

  1. Show “behind the scenes” of your business

How about creating some business “behind the scenes” videos or photos for your Instagram stories? Create videos of how you run your business, post pictures of employee activities, and educate your audience around your topic or subject. Another great idea is “how-to” tutorials on different topics especially on how to use your products. An example is if you own a clothing store, you can show your followers how to pair the right dress!

  1. Use Links

This feature is available for accounts with 10k followers and more. It is a great way for users to go directly to your website. The “swipe up” feature comes in handy as it is easy to navigate.

Do you have less than 10k followers? No need to worry, we have a tactic for that. All you have to do is make sure your followers see the “link in bio” along with a mention tag of your profile name so they can click on and go to profile.

  1. Hashtags and Location tags

These features increase your reach as it enables you to get in front of more people in a key location or who are following a specific hashtag stream. People who search for locations will be able to see your stories attached to the location they are searching for.

For the hashtags, try and create a hashtag for your content that can get through to your target audience easily when they search.

Also, don’t forget to post consistently. Posting consistently gives you a higher chance of reaching more viewers and increasing your followers. Post content that is engaging, fun, creative, relatable and educational for your target audience. Posting consistently helps you keep to the top of your followers’ feed.

How to post Instagram stories

(See picture below for step by step)

  1. Click the top left camera icon

Take a photo or a video

  1. Plus, you have these options available on your story screen too:

?Go live

?Create – This is where you can choose a colour screen and just put text on your story

?Take a normal picture

?Boomerang – Fun video clip

?Focus on a person’s face

?Superzoom – create dramatic videos

?Rewind – You can reverse play the videos.

?Hands-free allows you to play the videos without holding or tapping on it.

?Slow-motion picture allows you to blend various photos together.

Adding Features

  1. You can tap the text icon to add text or the sticker icon (Little square with a folded-up corner and smiley face) to choose various overlays i.e.: location, hashtag, poll, question or gifs!
  2. This opens up a black slider that shows you all of the various overlays you can add to your stories to create interaction, increase reach and entertain your audience.

Post your Story

  1. After you finish designing your story click “Send to” to publish it on your Instagram followers and a wider audience.

Instagram Stories


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FAQs on Instagram Stories for business
  1. What are the benefits of using Instagram Stories for my business?

It helps to strengthen your business reputation with your followers. It increases your visibility and allows you to get discovered by many users around the world. This will in time increase your Instagram engagement also help in starting conversations with your target audience.

  1. What tools can I use in creating my Story Ads

You can use Ads Manager, Creative Hub. There are apps that help in creating Story Ads for you, at ZC Social Media we love It has some great Story templates you can use to create your stories on brand.

  1. How can I view the insights of my Stories?

You can click on the bottom left of your story to see who has viewed it and the insights of your post.

Also, with your Instagram business account, you can check your analytics by clicking on the “Insights” that are shown at the top right corner of your account profile. Once you open this, click on “content” where you’ll see all the data for your posts.

  1. Why don’t I have the swipe up “link” option?

The link feature is only available for accounts with over 10k followers.

  1. How can I see my Stories after 24hrs?

Instagram stories are designed to last for 24hrs but there is a feature called “highlights”. Highlights are like an album. You create a highlight by saving your stories as you post them. They are then saved on your profile above your grid posts. You can choose a title for your highlights that your stories relate to.  Your audience will then know what your highlights are about and make them more clickable.

If you would like to get more out of Instagram, increase your engagement, followers and traffic to your website, why not come along to our next workshop –

Or if you’re not in our area then check out our Social Media In A Box which has a BONUS Instagram Masterclass included! –

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