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New! Social Media Strategy Success Online Course with

Zoe Cairns!

Not sure where to start with your Social Media journey? Or are your social media efforts not working? Social Media Strategy Success will take you on a journey to put together your Social Media Strategy Plan!

Many businesses and individuals are jumping into Social Media Marketing head first and just posting and broadcasting to all of the social media profiles that they feel relevant. They are posting content which has no relevant theme or relevance to their industry, and they are constantly posting out promotional links and information.

This then isn’t achieving the results that the business is looking for, and then the business or individual give up and start to believe that social media is a BIG FAD!

If this relates to you, you have come to the right place! As I will be taking you all through a journey where you all should start with your Social Media.

facebook adsThis journey starts with creating your Social Media Strategy. A strategy that defines why you are using Social Media and what you would like to achieve.

As we all know, or we all should know that without a plan, any plan how do you know we are going to the right destination? We use a satnav to get to a place, a business plan to make sure our business is on the right route, and we would use a cash-flow forecast for our financials. So it is really important that you have a Social Media Strategy Plan for your Social Media activities!

I can easily give you the 10 Steps of the Strategy, you could go away and put together your Strategy Plan but have you included everything and have you set the right goals for the outset? It can all be very frustrating as to how you get started.

Are you ready to put your Social Media Strategy Plan together?

After speaking with many of my ZC Social Media attendees and mentees I have found a common question is “Where do I start?” And this is exactly what I asked years ago! As like you, back then I didn’t have a clue!

Putting together a Social Media Strategy Plan isn’t difficult, but it isn’t something that you can do on your own. You need someone to give you the tips and strategies on how to make the plan successful. As we could all have a plan on what we are going to do, but we need to know how to use it effectively.

Over the last few months I have been putting together something really exciting that I would now love to share with you all.

Social Media Strategy Success – 10 Step Strategy Plan


Social Media Strategy Success is a step by step course which will take you through by the hand to put together your Social Media Strategy Plan. The place you should consider to start first.


When you attend the Social Media Strategy Success course you will discover how you can effectively become a key centre of influence within your industry, build your online communities and drive more traffic to your website.

I will give online demonstrations of tools, techniques and tips that will all be recorded and in a simple step by step form that a beginner can harness.

Not just for beginners, we have advanced strategies and tools that can really enhance your current social media activities and take them to the next level to achieve more leads and sales.

The information that I share on Social Media Strategy Success is vital information you need in order to make your social media activities successful, and to make sure that the time and resources you are spending on your social media are actually paying off.

Whether you work for an employer or own your own business, you need to be able to measure how well your time and efforts with your social media activities are doing. This course will show you exactly how you can determine what your return on social media is! Impress the boss with figures, but also be able to explain what they all mean!

When can we get started?

The great thing about Social Media Strategy Success is that it isn’t a year long course, or something you have to wait for 2 months to get started on! It is only a ten week course. At the end of the ten weeks you will have a Social Media Strategy Plan set up and running with the tools you need to make your social media journey successful!

I am going to take you step by step through each step. You will be looking over my shoulder watching my screen and seeing me LIVE online guiding you through each step.

These are the steps I use in my business for my social media. I will be showing you the exact tools I use for my clients who range from a Networking Marketing home based business to a Fortune 500 company. I am going to be giving away many of my secrets that have taken me years to learn!

Most of the tools I share with you are FREE! And we all know that social media marketing is a free method of marketing apart from your time and resources. When going through the steps we will cover Time Management – and how you can manage your time effectively by having a daily, weekly and monthly checklist!!

So Zoe Whats Included?

Social Media Strategy Success consists of 10 sessions delivered LIVE online! Each session is then recorded and placed into your members area for you to access and watch again at any time. Each session is 40 minutes long.

After each LIVE session I will then join you in a private Facebook Group to answer all of your questions for an additional 30 minutes. The reason why we use the group is it allows all the questions to be noted and shared by other members who may have the same questions.

We will also have a mid week Q & A Session in the private Facebook Group in case once you have started to take action you require additional help.

The course starts on Monday 31st July 2017.

Here are the LIVE session dates (remember if you cant make a date the session will be recorded)

  • Session #1 – Monday 31st July- Introduction 4pm
  • Session #2 – Monday 7th August
  • Session #3 – Monday 14th August
  • Session #4 – Monday 28th August
  • Session #5 – Monday 4th September
  • Session #6 – Monday 11th September
  • Session #7 – Monday 18th September
  • Session #8 – Monday 25th September
  • Session #9 – Monday 2nd October
  • Session #10 – Monday 9th October
  • Bonus Session – Monday 16th October – 60 minutes!

All the sessions are held UK Time – 4pm

Each session is recorded and placed into a members area where you can access as many times as you like!

Limited Time Only – Save up to 50%

For a limited time only we are discounting the Social Media Strategy Course by 50%. You can choose below whether you would like to pay in one lump sum or two payments.

The normal price is £799 Zoe’s Special Price Today! – £399

Or two payments of £200 – One payment now and another in 30 days time.

That’s only £39.90 per session!!

To Pay One Payment

To Pay Two Payments

Here’s What You Get!

10 LIVE Sessions

  • Session 1 – Define Your Social Media Goals and Objectives
  • Session 2 – Who are your target market?
  • Session 3 – Research your competitors
  • Session 4 – Brainstorm and find your key centres of influence
  • Session 5 – Manage your time more effectively
  • Session 6 – Content Strategy and Campaigns
  • Session 7 – Join in with conversations and engage
  • Session 8 – Monitor your social media activities
  • Session 9 – Measure your social media activities with tools
  • Session 10 – Analyse and action plan!
  • Bonus Session – Setup your Social Media Profiles / Advanced Strategies


Private Facebook Group

  • 40 minute Q & A Sessions
  • Network with other Social Media Strategy Success members!
  • Receive exclusive updates and documents
  • Access to Zoe’s team

Members Area

  • Recorded sessions
  • Worksheets/Workbook/Checklists
  • Presentation slides
  • Audio mp3 of the sessions

Bonuses when you sign up today!

You know I love providing lots of value, so as a special gift I am going to be giving away the following! And I cant believe I am doing this hehe!

1. Social Media Activity Checklist

This is a checklist I give my clients to help them manage their time and to make sure they are carrying out all the appropriate social media activities for their business. It is the exact checklist I use for my business too! This checklist has taken me a couple of years to perfect! It saves so much time!

2. 30 minute session with Zoe via skype

I am offering a 30 minute session to go over your strategy plan and your activities. This will be an online call which can be recorded for referring back to. Worth £250

Risk Free Guarantee

100% Money back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

Social Media Strategy Success is full packed with step by step actions, information and demonstrations on how you can get your Social Media Strategy set up and running.

It will help you take your social media activities to the next level, and measure what you are doing!

If you sign up today and you take part in the 10 week Social Media Strategy Success course and you take action and don’t see any results after applying the steps we have gone through, you can contact the team and we will refund your money in full.

Register Now…

I have made this course affordable to you all, and have reduced the cost by 50% for a limited time only.

The normal price is £799 Zoe’s Special Price Today! – £399

Or two payments of £200 – One payment now and another in 30 days time!

That’s only £39.90 per session!!

To Pay One Payment

To Pay Two Payments

Zoe’s Inner Circle – Optional Upgrade

This optional upgrade is available to only 20 people who would like a more 1-2-1 contact with Zoe.

Some people love a more 1-2-1 training contact and therefore I decided to do something a little more special for peopleZC[1]-8[INTERNET] who would like a more one to one approach.

Zoe’s Inner Circle includes the following

  • Social Media Strategy Success Pack – All of the above course is included – sessions, worksheets, workbooks, audios etc
  • VIP Inner Circle Facebook Group – A private Facebook Group only for the Inner Circle members
  • Extended 60 minute sessions – Instead of a 30 minute session Zoe will be with you on a session for 60 minutes for more extensive and advanced information.
  • One hour 1-2-1 Training Session with Zoe
  • Social Media Critique – Zoe will go through all of your social media profiles and activities and critique and give an analysis on how you can improve.

The extra time you receive with Zoe on his Inner Circle Upgrade is an additional 12 hours! Zoe’s hourly rate is £200 per hour! This equals £2400!

Zoe is offering you an upgrade to the Inner Circle for £997 if you sign up today! Or two payments of £500.00.

To Pay For Zoe’s Inner Circle via One Payment

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To Pay For Zoe’s Inner Circle via Two Payments

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