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Creating content for the web can be difficult- you need to ensure the content you create is attention-grabbing but at the same time relevant to what you do. Social media is all about creating relationships and what better way to spark up a conversation over something interesting you post.

I’ve put together a list of my top tools to help improve your social media content.

1) PowToon-

PowToon is a great tool that enables you to create animated videos and presentations. Videos on social media tend to receive more engagement than just text, you can use PowToon to create short branded videos. With its readymade templates and drag and drop features your high-quality videos can be created in minutes.

What’s the best part about PowToon? It’s free!

















2) Canva-

I’ve mentioned Canva in a previous blog post, my ultimate favourite tool. Canva is a great way to spice up your content using visual images. The tool allows you to drag and drop your favourite images, add text, shapes etc. In order to create your own personalised images. Canva templates also ensure your images are the right size for every use – the tool gives you image sizes to choose from to make sure your images are the best fit for every social platform, leaflet, advert etc.

Take a look at my blog post on Canva to learn more:


















3) Piktochart-

Piktochart is another tool I regularly use- allowing you to create your own infographics and presentations, Piktochart is great to use if you’re trying to explain something through images and small amounts of text. The free tool gives you a variety of templates to choose from, where you can edit and upload your own images to use. Once you’ve drag and dropped all the information you wish onto your infographic or presentation the tool allows you to download your post as a pdf or jpeg file ready for you to upload onto social media.














4) Woobox-

Woobox is an online tool that helps you create engaging and fun marketing campaigns. You can create giveaways, coupons, instant wins, photos/videos/hashtag contests, polls, quizzes, games, landing pages and more! If you’re looking to create a marketing campaign that catches your audiences attentions- Woobox is the tool to use.

















5) Prezi-

Prezi is a tool that is great for both personal and business use, the presentation software uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life and make you a great presenter. You can not only add animations to your presentations, you can also share your content on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.















I’ve only included by top 5 but there are many tools out there that are great for spicing up your social media content. Is there a tool that you use that isn’t included in this post? Comment below –we would love to try new tools out!

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