The Future Of Social Media

Today we live in a world where technological development has provided us with an unlimited number of opportunities in every aspect of our lives. Every day we spend more and more time browsing the web for different purposes, as the Internet itself is an unlimited source of information.

As means of communication, the advanced development of social media in the recent years has made them a really big part of our everyday lives, work and pretty much in every activity. Our mobile devices are always close to us and through them, we are connected all the time with our friends, colleagues and the other members of our society. We already know how much potential social media has, as we’ve already acknowledged it as a really important tool for communication, marketing, entertainment and much more, but what is its future?
If we go back in time 10 years from now, many of the things we are taking fo granted would seem impossible to us. Do you remember your old phone with a small screen and buttons that you were so happy to have because of its colorful display? Well, compare it to the modern mobile device you own now, the difference is drastic. Now think of your first Facebook profile. You could share some photos, chat with your friends and much more, but go ahead and enter Facebook now it’s completely different place. The point is that we can’t know for sure what will happen next, but let’s make some guesses.
The original purpose of social media is to connect people, to let them express themselves and share it with others. Today this has become part of our everyday life, as our social accounts serve as avatars through which we give information about ourselves to the rest of the world. Today’s trend is for many employers to do research of their employees on social media. There they can find much more information for a person than in a simple paper sheet. As this trend has already begun, maybe in the near future we will use the social media as some sort of universal ID with which we will apply for different positions and jobs.
As a source of information, the importance of social media is undisputed. Many people read the news and stay up to date through the major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. There you can follow the updates on the stories you are interested in, also read different opinions and discuss with many other people. Maybe in the future instead of a single piece of an article containing information about the current event, you will also be able to witness what is happening live through a multitude of eyewitness stream videos. We have already seen this happen as many people simply film what is happening on their mobile device, so we can watch the events from a different perspective.
Social media is actually one of the leading marketing tools. Currently, no matter in which social media platform you visit you will find an advertisement of some products. We are not only talking about the regular advertisement you constantly see on web pages, by engaging their people’s personal space provided by the social media different brands can get a really good advertisement campaign. Your friend just posted himself in front of sport’s store with a brand new pair of shoes, well it is only natural to feel interested if you like them. Many interesting advertisement campaigns are already taking place in social media coming in different forms. In the future, social media will be further used as marketing tool, but we are yet to see what advertisers have to offer to us.

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