Snap Map – The Benefits and the Concerns.

Snap Map – The Benefits and the Concerns. 

Have you discovered the new snapchat update – Snap map?
Snapchat revealed the new feature with the statement: “We’ve built a whole new way to explore the world! See what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!”

So, how do you access the new feature?

Once you open snapchat, you simply pinch the screen, a map will then appear on your screen.
This is where all your friend’s locations will appear.

People locations and their Bitmoji’s will only appear on the map if:

a) You are friends with them on snapchat and b) If they choose to share their location.

How do you choose who can see your location?

To select who can see your location, select the settings cog on the top right of your screen. This when then bring up the following screen:

If you choose to tick the option “My friends”, this means all your snapchat friends can see your location. If you choose to select this option, I recommend ensuring you go through your friend’s list and make sure you are aware who you have on snapchat – remember the new update means people can see the exact road you are on.

“Select friends”, will allow you to choose who on your friend’s list can see where you are.

“Ghost mode”, if you decide you don’t want people to see your location, simply select ghost mode and your location will not be visible to anyone.

Your location will only show where you are when you actively have snapchat open, if you aren’t constantly active throughout the day, the last known location of you (the last place you were when snapchat was open) will appear.

How do you upload a snapchat story that allows everyone (including people you don’t have on snapchat) to view?

If you want to share a story with everyone, you simply select ‘Our story’ as opposed to ‘my story’ when you go to upload it.

Now that we’ve covered how to use the update and the options you can choose, let’s talk about the benefits and the concerns of the update.

What are the benefits of snap map?

The snap map is not only great to see where your friends are and what they are up to but it’s great to be able to tune into events that you couldn’t attend. You can watch others snapchats at events such as Glastonbury. When large events are running they will appear on your map with the option to view others snapchats at these events!

The heat maps are another great addition to the update – you will see various colours on the map – this is where people have decided to select ‘our story’, meaning you can view people’s stories that you aren’t friends with, their information won’t be revealed to you only their story.

What are the concerns?

The new update allows people to see where you are, right down to the actual road you are on – this is a massive concern to schools and parents. Ghost mode is available but not all parents and kids are aware of the update or even this option. Another concern is if children are selecting “My friends” on the settings and they are not aware of who they have on snapchat, meaning there location could be visible to people they don’t even know. This new update Is something that needs to be brought to the attention of all parents to ensure the safety of children. The BBC has recently uploaded a news story on the issue, you can read the full story here:


What are your opinions on the new snap map? Let us know!

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