SMO- Social Media Optimisation

What is SMO?

Social media optimisation is the procedure of increasing a brand, product or event online using social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin or online communities such as Facebook groups, with the intention to amplify the brand, product or event.

Why is SMO important for businesses?

Let’s face it, nowadays the majority of people and businesses are online and why wouldn’t they be? Social media not only allows you to communicate with your target audience it’s also a great way to maximise your brand exposure.

Social media is another way of generating potential leads, people buy from people, if you build online communities and relationships with others- they are more likely to buy from you, as you become a trusted source rather than just a brand.

Also SMO drives traffic to your website, whether you post relevant content regarding your business or the industry you’re in or you write blogs posts- if you include links to your website and people find your content interesting, chances are they will take a look at your website. This not only gets your brand out there it also shows you what your target audience are interested in, as you can track which social media links people clicked on to get to your website.

How do you make your blog or website social media friendly?

  1. Include social buttons on your blog or website so people can find your social media channels easily without having to search for you on individual platforms.
  2. Link your social media content back to your website, this increases your website traffic and gets your brand name known to more people.
  3. Make sure your blog or website content includes share buttons, if people like your content or blog post they can then share it with their community with a simple click.
  4. Use images as thumbnails, people are more likely to click on your content if it looks more interesting- eye catching posts are a great way to capture people’s interest.

Have you got any tips to improve your SMO? Leave them in the comments below!

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