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FREE Webinar Sessions For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Social Media Enthusiasts

Monday 23rd - Friday 27th October 2023


What is Social Media reFreshers Week?

In an ever-changing digital landscape, maintaining a dynamic and engaging social media presence is crucial for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs.

Whether you're looking to refresh your existing social media strategies or are a newcomer seeking the perfect starting point, Social Media (re)Freshers Week is tailored just for you!

What's On The Agenda?

Monday to Friday: Free Online Webinars & a Face to Face LIVE Event!
Dive into a series of expert-led online webinars that cater to both experienced and social media novices. These interactive sessions cover everything from basic platforms to advanced marketing strategies, ensuring you're up to date with the latest trends.

  • Monday: Introduction to Social Media Platforms - A beginner's guide to the social media world.
  • Tuesday: Content Creation and Curation - Learn how to craft engaging content that resonates with your audience.
  • Wednesday: Analytics and Insights - Understand how to analyse your social media performance and utilise insights for growth.
  • Thursday 26th: Live In-Person Event An exclusive networking event, bringing together like-minded professionals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in a lively environment.
  • Friday: Social Media Advertising - Explore advertising options and how to maximise your ROI.

Hear exclusive talks from Zoe Cairns.

Engage in valuable face-to-face interactions, share insights, and build lasting relationships.

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Who should attend?

Small Business Owners

Enhance your online presence, connect with potential clients, and boost your sales.


Explore innovative techniques to market your ideas and grow your network.

Social Media Enthusiasts

Whether you're a newbie or an experienced pro, these sessions offer fresh perspectives and valuable insights.

How will "Social Media reFreshers Week" help you?

Skill Development

From understanding the basics of social media to delving into advanced advertising strategies, the event offers a well-rounded education that suits both newcomers and seasoned professionals. Enhance your existing skills or build a foundation from the ground up.

Strategies for Growth

With content specifically curated for small businesses and entrepreneurs, attendees will discover strategies to increase their reach, engage their audience, and boost sales or brand awareness. The sessions will help in crafting a personalised and effective social media roadmap.

Expert Insights and Guidance

Learn from social media gurus, industry leaders, and experts who will share their invaluable insights and cutting-edge techniques. Gain practical knowledge that you can apply to your business.

Access to Latest Tools and Trends

Stay ahead of the competition by learning about the latest social media trends, tools, and algorithms. The event will provide a deep understanding of how to leverage these trends to your advantage, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the ever-changing digital landscape.

Networking Opportunities

The in-person event on Thursday provides an exclusive chance to connect with like-minded individuals, industry peers, and potential collaborators. Build lasting relationships that can lead to business partnerships and growth.

Inspiration and Motivation

Surround yourself with innovative thinkers, creators, and social media enthusiasts. The positive and energetic environment will not only provide actionable insights but also inspire and motivate attendees to think creatively and approach social media with renewed energy and confidence.

Here's the schedule!

Exact times to follow via email

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How to attend?

FREE Webinar Pass

FREE Normal Price £499 for Webinar Pass!!!!

  • Access to all webinars on Social Media reFreshers Week
  • Opportunity to ask questions

Full Week Pass

£15.00 Webinars + LIVE Event

  • Access to all webinars on Social Media reFreshers Week
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Face to Face LIVE Event on 26th October in Medway, Kent

VIP Pass

£49.00 VIP Package

  • Access to all webinars on Social Media reFreshers Week
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Face to Face LIVE Event on 26th October in Medway, Kent
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • LIVE Q & A with Zoe

Your Host: International Social Media Consultant Zoe Cairns

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Zoe Cairns, is your host and presenter for Social Media reFreshers Week. Zoe is a true powerhouse in the realm of social media, renowned as an International Social Media Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant. 

With an unwavering focus on a critical yet often overlooked aspect of social media, Zoe is on a mission to help individuals and businesses craft effective Social Media Strategies right from the start. Her expertise is in high demand, attracting the attention of numerous companies, brands, and Fortune 500 companies who seek her guidance in developing well-defined strategies and implementing impactful campaigns that yield maximum results. 

Zoe's passion for sharing the transformative potential of social media knows no bounds. She has traversed the globe, gracing prestigious events and captivating audiences worldwide. From delivering captivating speeches at the Social Media Strategies Summit in Amsterdam and the Socialathon 2014 for Digital Market Asia in India, to addressing the European Parliament and Government at a Roundtable Conference commissioned by Seldia EU in Poland, Zoe's insights and expertise have left a lasting impression. 

Her expertise has earned her well-deserved recognition in the media, including appearances as a distinguished Social Media Expert on ITV's This Morning, where she provided invaluable insights on navigating the challenges of 'When Social Media goes wrong!' She has also shared her wisdom on the esteemed platform of BBC World News, ITV, BBC South East, and KMTV. 

Zoe's journey in the dynamic world of social media began over 16 years ago. She founded ZC Social Media over 13 years ago. Through her highly successful Social Media Agency, Zoe and her team empower businesses to achieve their goals with expert execution and bespoke management packages tailored to their unique social media requirements. Her unwavering dedication to education and upskilling is evident through the agency's provision of customised in-house training programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a FREE option for the week event. The FREE option includes access to all of the online webinar sessions that take place.

A timetable will be sent that shares the webinars that are being run over the week. Remember if you can't make a webinar you can purchase the VIP ticket that will enable you to catch up with the recording.

The LIVE Face-to-Face event will run 10-4 pm. There is a small charge of £15 each that covers tea and coffee. Lunch will be available for you to purchase.

If you can't make one of the webinar's you can purchase the VIP Package which enables you to access all of the recordings of the sessions and much more 🙂

If you have purchased a VIP Package you will be able to access the recordings of the sessions. 

Please note: The recordings are not accessible on a FREE ticket access.

Yes of course you can! We have people from all over the world taking part in our Social Media reFreshers Week! The only part you won't be able to participate in is the LIVE face to face event on the 26th October 🙂

Yes, as a ZC Social Media Academy member you have full VIP access to the event for FREE! Including acess to the face to face event and to all of the recordings.

This event is for both beginners and pros who would like to either know where to start or how to grow on Social Media!

The speakers and trainers for this event are the ZC Social Media Team! Zoe will be running the majority of the sessions.

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