Get more engagement on your LinkedIn published posts

Are you using LinkedIn Published Posts and only getting a few likes? Would you like more engagement and shares to build your followers and connections on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Publishing Posts are a new feature that LinkedIn have rolled out in the last year.

A published post is different to an update status as when you post a published post it notifies all of your connections via their notifications tab in their LinkedIn profile. Whereas a status update posts it into their timeline and they need to be online at that time to notice the post.

A published post is like a blog post. You can add an image, catchy headline and add media links. You can create a published post from your home page on LinkedIn next to your update status area.

I am going to share with you some tips on how you can get more engagement on your published post.

Catchy headline

When publish your post it notifies your followers and connections. It does this at the top right of their profile highlighting their notifications flag. You need to make sure that your headline is short and catchy and it includes keywords. Your connections will only see part of the title. It therefore needs to be something interesting so they want to click on it, to learn more.


Use keywords throughout your post as this helps with the ranking of your post in Pulse (LinkedIn news feature) and in the search facility of LinkedIn.

If you are unsure of what keywords to use try out Google Keyword Planner to see what words your audience are using in Google. Users use LinkedIn just like they would Google.


Always include a picture for the heading of your published post. You can include one within the body of the post as well. The benefit of using an image is that people will see your published post in their timeline and on your profile. People engage more with posts with an image then those without.


At the bottom of your published post it asks you to complete tags. Tags are keywords of what your published post is about. They only allow three tags to be used. Make sure they are relevant keywords to your post. This helps with the search of your post in LinkedIn

Share on other social media sites

After you have published your post share to all of your other social media sites including your own LinkedIn status update. Don’t just share this once. I normally share daily for the next week. This really generates views and visits to the post, and gets in front of people that may have initially missed the post when first published.

Share in LinkedIn groups

Providing your published post adds value and is good content, you can post to relevant groups and communities that you are part of. I only recommend you post once as you don’t want to look like you are spamming. You can share directly into groups from the share option on the published post.


Try different days of posting to see what day works best for you. Keep a spreadsheet of the title of the post, day/time posted and views/likes and comments. This is gives you an idea of when your audience are most engaged on LinkedIn. Sunday evenings worked for me! Look at this post engagement!

Call to Action

Always make sure you have a call to action on your published post. Send them to your website, a free product signup or another published post!

Make sure you LinkedIn profile is fully complete and optimised as people will visit your profile after viewing the published post.

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