Generate leads, opportunities and build your network : Who viewed my profile on LinkedIn

There are so many ways we can use LinkedIn to generate leads and opportunities for our business.

At ZC Social Media we have a five-step process that we go through both for ourselves and our clients to maximise the opportunities available.

We would like to share with you one of those steps which is a great conversation builder and has presented us and our clients with some good connections and pitches that have led to profitable projects and referrals.

It’s a feature that all of us have access to “Who viewed my profile”.

Do I need a premium account to see “Who viewed by profile”?

Depending on whether you have a premium account or free account with LinkedIn, you will have the ability to see you viewed your profile, however the number of people that you will see will depend on your account status. If you have a premium account with LinkedIn you will see up to 50 people that have viewed your profile, if you have a free account you will see up to 5 or 6, the rest will be blurred out.

If you don’t have a premium account, don’t be hasty and upgrade to see the maximum amount of people that are viewing your profile, we would suggest you using your free account first as you will see up to 5/6 people each day that have viewed your profile which is enough to start with.

Where is the “who viewed my profile” feature on LinkedIn?

 You can see the “who viewed my profile” feature by taking the following steps;

On the mobile app:

?Click your profile image at the top left

?Click on “View Profile”

?Scroll down and in “Your Dashboard” area click on “Who viewed your profile”

On the desktop:

?Click on the top left LinkedIn logo

?On the left menu under your profile pic and headline you will see “Who viewed your profile” with the number of people next to it. Click on this.

?You will then be taken to the page where you will be able to see the people that have viewed your profile and how long ago.

 What is the etiquette of reaching out to these people who viewed my profile?

 We love that this feature is available to us on LinkedIn and gives us the opportunity to reach out to potential clients or influencers of whom we can connect with.

However, we do not suggest you go in with a massive sales spill. It’s an opportunity to start a conversation, build a business relationship, and reach out to potentially take an opportunity offline.

Treat this opportunity just like you would a networking event. You wouldn’t go up to someone you met for the first time and instantly sell to them (albeit some people might, and this is not a suggested way to network, people are put off by this) At a networking event you would build rapport with that person and build a business relationship.

We would invite the person to connect and add a personalised message. We would mention that we have noticed they viewed our profile, and if there is anything, we can help them with then for them to contact us. We also mention that we would love to chat further with them and regarding any opportunities.

Before doing this, we would check out their LinkedIn profile and some background research so we can refer to that in our message.

 Measure your success

 Social media is time and resources and therefore it’s important to make sure that you measure the success of your activities.

We have an excel spreadsheet where we log all the people that we have contacted via “who viewed our profile”. We note the following:

?Date they viewed our profile

?Date we sent an invite and message

?Message sent

?Date they accepted our invite

?Notes | Outcome

We can then measure the success of this activity and any future opportunities. We would analyse the success by looking at messages sent, industries, time sent etc.

Go take action

Add a meeting to your diary for your “LinkedIn Power Hour” where you will go and take the time to see “who viewed your profile” and start building those relationships.

Go give it a go! Let us know how you get on.

Need a holding hand to show you how to do this?

Come along to our next LinkedIn workshop – 

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Why can’t I see who has viewed my profile?

The reason why you might not see people who have viewed your profile is that you may have your profile viewings set to “private mode”. This means that when you view other profiles, they will not see that you have viewed it and will appear anonymous, and therefore LinkedIn will not show you in return who viewed yours. You will therefore have to revert the settings to the option to show “Profile and characteristics” or “Private profile characteristics”.

You can change these settings by going to “Privacy and settings” on your LinkedIn profile.

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