Facebook introduce profile videos and new updates

How exciting! Our Facebook personal profile has had some recent updates and changes.

Some of you may still have the updates rolling out to you and might not see these on your desktop. On our Facebook mobile apps you will have noticed the updates after updating your app!

So what has changed and how can you keep up;


facebook profile video
Add a new profile video

Facebook Profile Videos 

We can now enable a short video for your profile picture. This could either be a welcome greeting or a clip to represent your personality.

All you need to do is click on the video camera icon on your personal profile pic via the Facebook mobile app. It will then allow you to record a short video and save it as your profile video.

The video will loop and is very much like a gif file.


add facebook short bio
Facebook Short Bio

Add a short bio

You also have the option of adding a short bio very similar to your Twitter bio.

We have 101 characters to describe who we are and what we are interested in.

A great opportunity to share your 60 seconds if you connect with mainly business colleagues on your profile, or a little bio about you and your interests if you connect with friends and family.



featured facebook photos
Add 5 Featured Facebook Photos

Featured Photos
Under your short bio you can now add five featured photos which you would like to showcase to your friends, family and colleagues.

I have researched to see whether these are public or private on your profile, but from what I can see you can control what others see within this section. If you wish to make this area private you can.

Please however be aware if you do not select to private the photos and information you are sharing are out in the public domain.

If people are looking for your profile and they wish to add you as a friend they will see these pictures and information even if you can not friends.

facebook gif images
Facebook Messenger Gif Photos

Facebook Messenger Gif Pictures

A new feature in our messenger is the option to choose a gif picture to reply to a message.

You will notice the gif button in the tool bar when you type a message. When you click on it, it will bring up a search bar to type a keyword. It will then search for relevant gif files to your keyword.

When you select you can then send this to your recipient.

It’s a new way of conversation! A bit more fun!
At the moment I can only see this available on our mobile Facebook Messenger app and not within the Facebook Desktop website.

Hopefully they will roll out on the desktop too 🙂

Once you have updated your profile with the new features, share the link to your profile in the comments below as I would love to view your profile video 🙂

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