Exeter to London to TV Screens :-)

When you are running around feeling busy, a little tired but so focused sometimes it’s important to take time out to reflect on what you have achieved in the last few days or even the last few months. 

Today I sit here waiting for the 7:10am train from Strood to take me to London. The tannoy goes and says that the 7:10 train to St Pancras is running ten minutes late. The disappointment and sighs from the other passengers on the platform makes me realise how lucky I am to not have to do this everyday! For a moment I stand here and feel grateful that I have the flexibility to decide what goes in my calendar and where I travel. 

This week has been yet another adventure for me, meeting new people, seeing existing clients and helping customers generate new wins!

My week started in Exeter at a clients office I have been working with for over 3 years now, training the marketing team the new updates on social media strategies and marketing. 

One of the new updates rolling out in a few weeks is that Twitter are now going to allow longer tweets. As at the moment when you add a picture or link it takes up a number of characters. Now Twitter will not take off characters when you add an image or a link!

sendible zoe cairnsEarly start on Tuesday heading into Paddington London where I spoke at an event with Sendible for Social Media Week London.

A great turn out and brilliant venue at Central Working Paddington that was very inviting. 

I was talking about the power of Facebook LIVE and how you can start using it in your business but also to help with your own PR.

How many of you do your own PR? 

I have worked on my own PR for the last three and a half years. PR is where you can gain exposure, presence and profile in magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. A great way to build the profile of your business or yourself as an expert. 

I use social media to gain my PR opportunities and have a set strategy that I carry out on a regular basis to get the gigs I have achieved. Including ITV, BBC and national papers like The Daily Mail, The Independent and The Telegraph. 

At the Sendible event I was sharing my knowledge on how businesses can start getting noticed by journalists and editors in order to attract these opportunities. 

So…. Wednesday was my fun day! A flexible day for me to do what I love! And that’s not a day off 🙂 

For me the morning was relaxing getting a top up on iron, maybe not fun for some but great feeling after once received giving me a boost of energy! 

It was then into London in the afternoon to do some TV filming! Some PR opportunities that have come forth in themartin stanford last few weeks from the work I have put in. 

My first stop was TRT World with Martin Stanford to talk about social media campaigns and whether they still have a place. 

And then onto Mayleborne to meet with Andi Osho from Channel 4 Super Shoppers for an interview for their new TV Series launching in October! Very exciting and will share the footage once it’s been broadcasted 🙂 

14370343_1789298097995488_8397143788638221753_nIt’s all about building great relationships with people, not selling but building a rapport and know like and trust. If you can provide good content and value then this will accelerate the relationship both between new clients, existing clients and partners. 

I have now had many PR opportunities that have benefited my business but it’s down to the relationships I have established along the way and the ones I have nurtured that have flourished. 

It was our ZC Digital Diploma Day yesterday where I had the pleasure of training a group or marketers and businesses about Digital Communication Strategies and how they can use this in their business. 

I love these days where I can share the knowledge and the businesses implement this into their business to achieve the results they wish to achieve. 

So I’m still waiting for the 7:10am train! Keeping calm and relaxed as today and this weekend I am running our event 14344293_10154089689239965_8524872508112317717_nThe Ultimate Marketing Millionaire Weekend with my good friend and mentor Ed J C Smith!

Make sure you love what you do, and that you always reflect on the past few days, week or month to reassure yourself that you are on the right path and your staying focused on what’s important to you. 

Always take big action! And remember if we always do what we have always done, we will always get what we’ve always got 🙂

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