Ep 1. The WhirlWind Week

In this episode of The Trust Podcast, Zoe Cairns is in the show to share her meteoric life experiences from working three different jobs to being a mortgage broker to an internationally sought-after social media expert and her thrilling “whirlwind-week.” With her vast experiences working alongside various businesses, companies, brands, and frequent appearances on TV Shows, one should praise her expertise in social media growth, marketing, and lead generation. Zoe founded both ZC Social Media and ZC Social Media Growth Academy to assist different business-entities on social media marketing and content to build your audience.

University life

[3:40] I worked as a chemist in the morning, working for my granddad’s M.O.T place in the afternoon and putting paints behind a bar in the evening. It was not an everyday job, but it helped me get through my university years with my parents’ support.

[4:38] I want to be a programmer and build websites when I left the university.

[5:33] I need to get a proper job, start bringing in the money, and get rewarded for the hard work that I’ve done at the university.

Being a Mortgage Broker

[6:13] I went for an interview with the mortgage brokers. They liked my enthusiasm, and I got accepted for the job.

[6:53] With the desire to progress my career, I took an examination to be a certified IFA Mortgage Broker.

[7:26] The recession hit in 2008, and it was a tough time. My boss told me to go out of the world, expand my network, and build my client base.

[8:13] My friend recommended Facebook. I joined groups where I was able to leverage my expertise in mortgage and became my avenue to generate leads.

The Birth of ZC Social Media

[11:33] Feeling the effects of the recession and my love for social media, my father made me realize that I am not happy with what I am doing.

[12:21] I asked my bosses about my idea of leaving to start my own business. It was not well-received, and I eventually left the company.

[13:02] With the network that I have built, it was able to assist me in building my business. That’s where ZC Social Media has started.

Becoming a Social Media Speaker

[15:40] I got invited to speak in Warsaw, Poland. I get to speak alongside the German government, Avon, and various NGOs. It is exhilarating to get covered in a local newspaper as a startup.

[17:16] If you are given the opportunity to speak somewhere, it’s an opportunity to get some press coverage. This is even better if you are a startup, and it would boost your speaking opportunities.

Whirlwind Week

[21:53] It was a typical Monday for me where I got pinged by someone who went to my website and invited me to speak in Madrid, Spain. I immediately grabbed that opportunity.

[23:48] I went to deliver my talk in a room of different people from different franchises of the company around the world. It is the convergence of different cultures.

[25:18] An unknown number called me out of nowhere. I thought it was spam, but I still answered it. I was surprised to get invited to be a guest in ITV This Morning, a show where I dreamt of being a part of for 18 months.

[26:39] I went straight to the airport with my husband, not knowing the flight we will be getting on and how to go home. It was surreal that I was muddleheaded at the moment. Good thing we had a chauffeur coming to get us to a hotel for the night.

[28:05] I thought it was going to be a relaxed Monday, but it turned out to be a whirlwind week. Friday felt like I was at the top of the world.

[29:12] Everything that happened was not a phone call, but the amalgamation of the connections and relationships that I have built. Being consistent and sharing relevant content to get noticed will help you bring that opportunity.

Key Quotes:

[11:55 – 11:57] “Do something that you enjoy. Life is too short.”

[22:38 – 22:44] “You need to be quick if you are looking at speaking and press opportunities.”

[29:02 – 29:08] “If you want to achieve that goal, put the effort, time, and take it step by step.”


Learn more about Zoe at https://zoecairns.com/

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