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Engaging On Facebook LIVE

Have you gone LIVE on Facebook?

As you know we’ve mentioned a few times it’s a great opportunity right now to build your audience and engage with them online. Many people are spending a lot of time online. One of of the ways in which you can engage and build a community is by using Facebook LIVE.

Facebook LIVE is one of those features that some people love, but some people prefer not to use as it requires you to get in front of the camera. It allows you to communicate and engage with your audience. There are some tools that allow you to share your screen such as Zoom!

If you’re considering going on LIVE and unsure on what to talk about, here are some suggestions;

?Behind-the-scenes – Share your workplace at the moment where you’re working from. An inspirational place in your garden, view of the countryside, near the sea or in your Harry Potter style under the stairs (I’ve seen this before and the broadcaster made it very entertaining)

?Regular Q & A – This is great to be able to answer your audience questions. Share with them the basics that they need to know. This will get them really engaged, get them following your page and coming back for more!

?Product launch – You may have a new product or service and you want to go LIVE to tell your audience or extended audience about. Launch it on the LIVE tell them all about it and get them really excited to find out more.

?Unboxing experiences – If you have got a product that can be unboxed, then Facebook LIVE is a good feature to encourage your audience to do the same when they purchase your product. Unboxing experiences is a good opportunity to capture UGC (user generated content) for your Social media profiles.

?How to’s – Share with your audience online tutorials, step by steps on how to carry out an activity online, with your product, or something useful within your industry.

?Trends Update News – Update your audience on a regular basis with what’s happening within your industry. They will love that they can just come to your Facebook LIVES and find out the latest news and information. Keeps them engaged and provides them with the news all in one place.

So… why don’t you give Facebook LIVE a try? What are you going to do for your first or next LIVE?

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