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Social media statistics 2016

Do you know the statistics behind social media? The amount of monthly active users? I’ve put together an infographic on the top statistics that I didn’t know about. Let us know in the comments below whether you were surprised by any of them!

What Is Dark Social?

What is Dark Social? The Internet is all around us and has become a big part of our everyday life. Today we have become more and more dependent on technology and that we spend too much time on our computers as well as constantly browsing the web for different reasons.

Top tools to improve your Instagram account

Why Instagram? You ask. Instagram has become increasingly popular and in June the Independent announced that “Instagram beats Twitter as most popular social media platform for advertisers”, . Nowadays people prefer visual content and seeing as Instagram Is all about photos and videos nailing your Instagram account is key. In this post, I will …

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SMO- Social Media Optimisation

What is SMO? Social media optimisation is the procedure of increasing a brand, product or event online using social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin or online communities such as Facebook groups, with the intention to amplify the brand, product or event.

What is a hashtag?

A key part of any businesses social media marketing plan should be hashtags. What is a hashtag? Hashtags are defined as a word/phrase used on social media to identify a certain topic. Hashtags are mainly used on social media sites such as twitter and Instagram.

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