ZC Social Media present in Asia!

30 Aug 14

We have been quiet the last few months and not updated our blog since beginning of June! However we have been so busy at ZC Social Media! There has been some amazing things happening! 

We have been to Amsterdam, France and Asia! In the last two months! We have been jet setters and not only that we have taken the brand across to Asia which has been a fantastic achievement for us. 

ZC Social Media Partners Zoe and Gareth

ZC Social Media Partners Zoe and Gareth

So your probably asking why Amsterdam and Asia? Well in June we were invited to attend The Social Media Strategies Summit where I spoke on Facebook Marketing Strategies. The audience was various marketing, social media and digital professionals from some of the worlds leading brands and was amazing to share my message and hear their experience and feedback on the world of Social Media. We also had some great feedback from the event too, and even got an evening to tour Amsterdam and experienced a canal tour! 

Socialathon, social media strategy

Zoe and Rajul from Xposure talking about Social Media Strategy

Only last week we returned from Delhi India where I was invited by Digital Market Asia and Business World to attend a brand new event #Socialathon2014 to speak on how to build communities on Social Media.

We were flown into Delhi and stayed at Gurgaon known as tech city where some of the big digital companies are based; Facebook India, Google India and many more…

We met with some influential people from India and had various meetings with digital agencies based there. Made many friends and contacts that we will continue to build relationships with going forward.


Socialathon 2014 #Selfie

Myself and Rajul from Xposure were the first speakers at the Socialathon. I shared my tips, messages and tools on how to build an effective community online – how to nurture and engage with that community and how it can help build your brand and presence. Once that brand has built its influence it’s then that a company will then see a return on its investment from the influence it has built. 

Once I had finished my talk Rajul then asked some key questions to expand on the areas I had discussed to engage with the audience more. 

Socialathon 2014

Zoe amongst the winners of The Socialathon 2014 Awards

It was a brilliant day with many key leaders from the Social Media and Digital Arena in Asia and the Pacific. The day was finished off with the first ever Social Media Awards in Asia! 

From canal trips, world jet setting and India monuments we have had an amazing two months at ZC Social Media and so proud to say we will be off to Singapore in February 2015 with Digital Market Asia! 

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7 Steps to a Successful Facebook Strategy Plan – ZC Social Media Radio

30 Jun 14

Today was our last LIVE radio show! We had a last and lots of people engaging with our hashtag #zcsocialmedia.

Today’s topic was all about Facebook and about your reasons as to why you are using the social media tool for you business. 
Here are the 7 Steps; (Listen again below to the radio show for explanations and examples)

Step One – Set your goals and objectives as to why you intend to use Facebook 
Step Two – Define who your target audience are. 
Step Three – Who are your Key Centre’s of Influence 
Step Four – Conduct your competitor analysis 
Step Five – Plan your content and campaigns for your social media activities. 
Step Six – Measure your Facebook activities by using Facebook insights 
Step Seven – Analyse your results, and make any necessary changes going forward.

Remember if you don’t plan, you plan to fail. Make sure you know what you are trying to achieve. 

Traditional or Social Media Marketing?

20 Jun 14

We are really honoured to have a guest blog from our favourite marketing lady Kelly Long, Director of Kelly Loves Marketing.

Kelly would like to share with you;

“Traditional or Social Media Marketing

The battle of social media vs traditional marketing”

When I started in marketing social media did not exist. I remember thinking what is this Facebook stuff? Social Media? Here we go another buzz word to add to the list. But now (and my husband will tell you) I spend my life absorbed in social media, I’m pretty much on every platform going. Some I like more than others. I’m not a huge fan of Facebook from a personal level but from a business page point of view I think it’s still a great tool. Twitter my favourite and quickly followed by Pinterest, as sad as it maybe these are the first things I check when I wake up and the last things I check whilst hiding under my duvet before my husband catches me sneaking that last little peak. I’m obsessed by increasing my Klout score. Currently my score is 62, so I’m in the top 10% of social media users. 

I think due to my marketing roots of traditional offline marketing as a freelance marketing consultant I like to offer a mix of traditional and social media marketing. It’s this combination that I adore and find really exciting. In the digital age we too often forget about our previous marketing methods. If there was a battle of social media vs traditional marketing, I don’t think there would be a clear winner. From my experience finding a balance and integrating both traditional and social media works best to achieve maximum exposure and increase your opportunities.


Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

I highly recommend using both social media and traditional marketing tactics like print advertising, sending direct mail and attending networking events, are still all essential.

However, for most, social media marketing is now a critical component of an effective marketing strategy. In fact, I believe that social media marketing works best when combined with other marketing activities, especially email marketing.





Do you use Social Media groups? ZC Social Media Radio Show 15

19 May 14

Today’s show we covered social media groups and how they can help you build an online community which will help with the growth of your social media reach and presence.

We first discussed the importance of growing a community online and how these people will build a know like and trust with you and be your advocates of your product, service and brands.

To build your online community it’s all about making sure you connect with new people and invite them to become part of your group and contribute valuable content to the rest of your community. Connect with your target audience and key centres’ of influence and engage and invite them to join.

Once you establish that know like and trust it’s then that people will then introduce more people to your community as they are finding it so valuable. It’s all about really nurturing that community with good quality tips, news, content and engagement to keep them involved and recommending you.

You need to set out the rules and terms of your group from the outset as the last thing you want to happen is to really nurture and build a fantastic online community where you have many fans and then a new member bombards your community with spam or irrelevant content that could then turn your nurtured community away. It’s important they know about your groups etiquette and the rules.

We suggest you think about certain days of the week and month that you have promotional days in your group so it’s structured. Your group will then know what to expect. It also gives them the opportunity to get in front of your network when suggested.

Remember groups and communities are about building rapport and a know like and trust. They are just like a networking event. They are not for selling, spamming and irrelevant content. Groups are for building a trusted network and community within your target audience which eventually once you have established that know like and trust they will then do business with you and recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.

Listen to this weeks show for more tips and strategies on Social Media Groups!

Leave any questions or comments below! We would love to hear your feedback.

This weeks guests:

Ben Rogers – Property Investor

Ben Rogers Property Investor

Ben Rogers Property Investor

Twitter @BenRogersUk

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/BenRogersProperty

Website – http://benrogersproperty.com/



Phil Wilson – Medway Drums Studio

Medway Drum Studio

Phil Wilson Medway Drums Studio

Twitter @MedwayDrums

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MedwayDrumStudio

Website – http://www.medwaydrumstudio.co.uk/




Chloe Houghton

Marketing Degree Student
Twitter @chloehoughton5

Building a know like and trust factor! Radio Show 12 with Star Guest Bob Burg!

28 Apr 14
Guests International Author Bob Burg and Tim Kidd from Kent Channel Chamber of Commerce

Guests International Author Bob Burg and Tim Kidd from Kent Channel Chamber of Commerce

Wow I am still overwhelmed by today’s #ZCSocialMedia Radio show!

We had some amazing guests! We had International Author Bob Burg all the way from Jupiter USA and New Chief Executive Tim Kidd of Kent Channel Chamber of Commerce.

Today’s topic was all about how we can build a know like and trust factor and build key business relationships both online with social media and offline networking.

Listen to our show to find out how you can start building business relationships online and offline to accelerate your business.

Guest Bio – Bob Burg

Bob Burg International Author and Speaker

Bob Burg’s Website – http://www.burg.com

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/burgbob

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/bobburg

Bob’s Books – http://www.burg.com/books/

Location – Jupiter Florida USA

Guest Bio – Tim Kidd

Tim Kidd New Chief Executive of Kent Channel Chamber of Commerce

Channel Chamber Website – http://www.channelchamber.co.uk

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/kentchannelchamber

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/channelchamber

Chamber Events – http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/kent-channel-chamber-of-commerce-events-page-6380862549

East Kent Social Media Academy – https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/zc-social-media-academy-tours-to-east-kent-tickets-11313267287

What do others have to say about the show!

Getting the most from your LinkedIn Profile – Radio Show 10

14 Apr 14

Wow what an amazing show today! We had so much interaction and engagement from our listeners and so honoured that so many of you were listening in!

Today’s show was all about “Getting the most from your LinkedIn Profile” We shared a five point plan with you all for you to start using to maximise the most from your profile.

The Five Step Plan

1. Update your LinkedIn status – when you first log in to your LinkedIn profile you will be taken to your homepage on LinkedIn. This is where you can scroll through and see what other people have shared. The importance of updating your LinkedIn status is that it builds your presence and people who are currently on line at that time will see your update. This will warm them up and remind them about you! It will build your presence and awareness with your connections and network.

Question from Paul Spa Find– Can you schedule posts to LinkedIn – Yes you can Paul you can use Hootsuite which can schedule posts to both your LinkedIn profile, company page and groups. Please note when posting to groups do not spam add value.

2. Check to see “who viewed your profile” – At the top of your LinkedIn page there are heading menus. Click on profile, and. The drop down menu will display the “who viewed your profile” option.

You can see the last five to six people who have looked at your profile. Are any of these people potentially good clients, connections or collaborations? Send them a message and say “Hi I noticed you viewed my profile, is there anything I can help you with”. These people are potentially a warm lead as they have looked to see what you do and know more about you by viewing you profile.

3. Do you have any messages or invitations?

Check your LinkedIn inbox for any private messages that could be enquiries or leads. Make sure that when you read your messages you either delete the spam and archive the messages you wish to keep. This will keep you inbox tidy and organised.

With the invitations accept people that satisfy your network rules. By this I mean which people would you like to connect with and who can add value to your business. Remember networking is about meeting new people and building business relationships. Don’t ignore people you don’t know, ask yourself the question; will this person add value to my business, could I potentially do business with them or collaboration, do they speak to my target market?

4. Add new connections

When you have been along to networking events, meetings and seminars and you have met new people we end up coming away with a handbag or pocket full of business cards.

I recommend using the following apps to build your network on LinkedIn more easily. Use cardmunch on the iPhone and camcard/card reader on the android. These useful apps scan in the business cards to your phone, but what’s great about them that LinkedIn support them and they enable you to then send an invitation to that contact automatically! This will really help you build your connections and network on LinkedIn as nine times out of ten we just put our collected business cards in the top drawer of our desk!

5. Check the groups you are a member of and participate or contribute to them. Please note though do not spam with selling messages, add value and information to the group to build your influence and presence.

JOIN US FOR #ZCSOCIALMEDIA LINKEDIN WEEK –  https://zcsocialmedia.com/services/zcsocialmedia-linkedin-week

You can listen again here! Lots of questions answered, people mentioned and events shared!

 Thank you to our International listener @peaksmedia from Australia!

LinkedIn Profile Setup, Optimisation and Training – We can sit with you or work with you remotely to get your LinkedIn Profile fully setup and optimised. We will also go through how you could effectively use this platform specifically for your business and industry.

If you would like more information on this training then please email zoe@zoecairns.com

What is Social Media Engagement? Radio Show 9

7 Apr 14

What a fantastic show today! We had a studio full of guests from 7 years old to video and photo experts!

We loved the atmosphere, ideas and conversation on the show today and hope that it provided you with some really good tips and ideas for your Social Media engagement!

If you missed the show you can listen again here.

We started the show off by explaining that Social Media engagement is all about grabbing the attention of your community on your social media profiles and getting them to engage with your posts, news and information.  We explain how this can really help increase your Facebook reach.

The more people that engage with your post the more people that see and share your post.

It’s important to think about content that your audience would like to see and can relate to. You might think about the types of TV programmes they watch, the radio show they may listen to or the magazines they are reading. Although this may be completely different to your industry topic, if you get them engaged with one post and the Facebook Algorithm Edgerank notes that, it will then be more favourable with your following posts on Facebook.

Our guests on today’s show Gareth Powell from Play Mountain Media and Ray Hill from Maidstone Media shared their views on how photo and video can help with your engagement levels. They shared their views on viral videos, and how photos can really help getting in front of more people.

We also had our #RadioDude Mac (my little Nephew!) As it was half term I thought I would bring him a long for some work experience! At only 7 years old he was getting involved in the conversation and sharing tips on YouTube subscribers! Was brilliant to hear him interacting with our conversation at such a young age, and to be honest to see how much of the younger generation do actually know about these online platforms.

On the show I mentioned a tool called Post Planner that shows you the trending ways of presenting content on your social media sites. It also helps with the trending topics and articles that are also being shared too! Post Planner has a trial period you can try the tool.

Think about your engagement on your social media profiles. Are you providing the information, topics that your audience wish to hear about? If you are this will help increase your engagement levels which will result in the Facebook Reach you are looking for.

Guest Speaker Bio’s

Play Mountain

Gareth from Play Mountain

Gareth J Powell – Play Mountain Video Media Production

Play Mountain Website – http://www.playmountain.co.uk/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/Playmountainvideo

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/GarethJPowell

Location UK




Maidstone Media

Ray Hill from Maidstone Media

Ray Hill – Maidstone Media

Maidstone Media Website – http://www.maidstonemedia.co.uk

Facebook Page – Maidstone Media

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MaidstoneMedia



Our #RadioDude Mac!

Mackenzie Light

Mac our half term #RadioDude





Mac Dude Tweet

Do you know your target audience on Social Media? (Infographic)

5 Apr 14

In order for your social media activities to be successful you need to make sure you are targeting the right audience and building a targeted community.

What is a targeted audience and community – The people who are interested in your subject, product and service.  An audience who you can a build know like and trust with.

Many people build an audience of people who are not targeted and interested in what they are talking about, and this is why people find social media not working. They do this just to build their numbers on their followings.

Buying likes, followers and Google + circles is going the wrong way in building your audience. It’s not all about the numbers. It’s about the quality of the people following you. If you build a community of targeted followers they will notice your messages, share your content and tell people about you.

The first step you should take before even considering what social media platforms you are going to use is to think about who your target audience are.

Once you know who they are, you can then go and find them on the social media platforms and engage with them.

If you do not carry out this task then you may be interacting on a social media platform where your target audience are not hanging out!

Firstly you need to brainstorm who your target audience are? Think about their age, gender, location, what their interests are, TV programmes they watch, and radio they listen too. Also think about the key people in the industry they are already listening to and following.

Facebook graph search now helps you find the interests and likes of your target audience. I recommend you look at this when considering building your audience on Facebook. I will explain Facebook graph search in a future blog post.

After breaking down your target audience its then that you can go on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc. and see whether your target audience are engaging and active on there.

You can also research to see if you competitors are actively engaging and building an audience on the platforms as well. This will give you a good indicator as to whether it’s worth you spending the time and resources to post and work on that particular social media platform.

Once you have then established that your target audience are on those social media platforms its then that you can set up your company pages and start posting engaging posts, information and news.

Make sure you join in on conversations with your audience, build that know like and trust factor with them. Nurture your community and share your best content. If you share your best content your audience will share with their followers and audience which will increase your reach and company brand.

What is Facebook reach? Radio Show 8

31 Mar 14

On today’s radio show we discussed Facebook Reach and the ways you can increase your reach organically.

There have been many news stories lately from well-known sources saying that the Facebook Algorithm Edgerank has been tweaked which will affect our Facebook reach.

Since November 2013 sources have been saying there has been a drop in the organic reach due to the tweak.

Facebook Reach is the amount of people who saw your post or page on Facebook.

There are two different types:

Post reach is the amount of people who saw your posted post.

Page reach is the amount of people who have seen your page or brand name over a given period of time. This could be over a day, week or month.

We then discussed post reach in more detail, and I explained the three subcategories of post reach;

Organic reach – this is the reach we get for free from Facebook, the amount of people who saw our posts without us paying!

Viral reach – this is the reach we achieved from people creating stories from our posts. For example if I posted a post which featured my latest blog post and a fan liked and commented on that post, that would then create a story which that fans friends and connections would see. It would say something like “Andrea liked and commented on ZC Social Media post”. I think this holds a lot of credibility as people tend to listen and follow their friends then randomly liking or sharing any post, but if it has come from a friend they are more than likely to look into it or share as well as it’s like a recommendation.

Paid reach – We can pay for promoted posts and advertising to boost the reach of our posts. Under each post on your Facebook business page, if you are an administrator of that page you can see the total reach of that post. If you hover over that total reach it will break down the reach sections.

The objective is to get as much organic and viral reach as you possibly can.

As small, medium or even large business’s we all have a marketing budget, and may not have budgeted for Facebook Advertising / Promoted Posts.

May I suggest Facebook is just one of your tools to use in your marketing mix, it shouldn’t be the sole marketing tool.

In the second half of the show we shared some ways you can organically increase your reach. Here are a few of them!

Post when your fans are online

To get the maximum exposure and increase your post reach check when your fans of your Facebook business page are online. You can do this by the following steps:

  • Go to your Facebook business page admin panel
  • Then click on See Insights
  • Click on Posts
  • And then click on “When your fans are online”

This will then give you a break down of when your fans are online, what day and times.

Start posting your content out more on the days when the majority of your fans are online.

Make sure you post good content!

As part of your Social Media Strategy you should have a content strategy plan in place. This is where you think about your content and what your audience are looking for.

Don’t just presume that the content you are posting is what your audience would like to hear! Use graph search to find out your page fans interests, what books they like to read, tv shows they watch, books they read and get them engaged with your content by being one of them!

By getting you fans engaged with your content means they will share, like and comment helping you with your organic and viral reach.

Use other platforms to share your content

Share your Facebook posts onto Twitter, LinkedIn via your email marketing to drive more people to your Facebook page to engage with your posts. Again this is going to help build the reach and the sharing options. We always tweet our posts, as you never know who may be following you on twitter who may well want to join your community on Facebook!

Many more ways were shared on the show! Listen again below!

We would like to thank our listener Richard Murray from Canterbury Communicators for calling into the show today and sharing his views and questions on Facebook Reach. Thank you.

Also thank you to all our listeners who were tweeting, FB messaging, on Google + and LinkedIn! If you are listening again! Let us know your feedback by using the #ZCSocialMedia