Best time to post on your Social Media profiles

Do you have free time when you get up early in the morning or last thing at night? Is this the time you post on your social media profiles?

If you are posting on your social media profiles at that time of day, is this going to get you the optimal response for your social media postings?

If you are posting late at night your following may already be offline. We may presume that it is a good time to post, but actually it could be completely wrong.

Posting at the wrong time could result to our posts not being seen. Our efforts and the time that has been allocated to our posts have been wasted. Unless the post really satisfies Facebook Algorithm and receives a lot of engagement and reach, which therefore it may remain on the time feed longer for people to see the next day.

When I first started on social media I did the above, I posted when I had time. Until I realised I wasn’t getting the engagement or reach I really wanted for my posts.

I researched some tools which could help me with this challenge and I am now using the following tools to get the maximum from my social media activities.


Tweriod is a twitter tool that tells you when your followers are most active online.tweriod

Tweriod will look at your followers on twitter and present you with a table of analysis of the best times to tweet. I.e.: Weekends at 4-5pm

The power of knowing when your followers are online is that you can post or schedule your tweets to go out at this time by using social media automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer. This will give you more of a change to get in front of your followers which will then lead to more traffic to your website, more RT’s and more engagement.

Facebook Insights

facebook insightsFacebook Insights provide the administrators of a Facebook business page analytics and metrics about the content they are posting to their page.

Within your Facebook insights there is a section called “Posts”, and a section called “When your fans are online”. As the section title suggests it tells you when your fans are online!

This gives you the opportunity to schedule posts to Facebook at that particular time in order for more people to see your posts.

You can now schedule posts from your Facebook business page by using the clock icon underneath your update status box.

I do not recommend that you use third party applications to schedule to Facebook. Facebook does not like third party applications and this can have a negative effect towards the Facebook Algorithm reducing your chance on your post being seen.

Timing +

Timing + helps you decide on the best time to post on Google +. It looks at your past posts and the impact you had, and then suggests the times you may consider for future postings.

Timing + will give you a day ranking which shows you the best days to post, and also an hour ranking too!

Go on over and have a look! It even shows you your top posts on Google +. A very clever tool.

I would recommend you look at these tools at least once a month, make note of any changes in the times and alter accordingly.

Monitor your response, engagement levels and results to see if posting at the right time has more of a positive effect.

Happy Posting Everyone!

We would love to hear how posting at the right time has helped you! Post your comments below!


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