What Is Dark Social?

What is Dark Social? The Internet is all around us and has become a big part of our everyday life. Today we have become more and more dependent on technology and that More →

Top tools to improve your Instagram account

Why Instagram? You ask. Instagram has become increasingly popular and in June the Independent announced that “Instagram beats Twitter as most popular social media platform for advertisers”, http://ind.pn/1YhDEc3 . Nowadays people prefer More →

Social Media Image Sizing Guide

Every social media platform is different from its audience to its layout and ensuring your adapting to each social media platform is key. Using images on social media is important, not only More →

SMO- Social Media Optimisation

What is SMO? Social media optimisation is the procedure of increasing a brand, product or event online using social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin or online communities such as Facebook More →

Konnect- we check out the new app.

The new app for apple and android allows you to connect with others by not only email addresses and phone numbers but also via social media platforms. The app allows you to More →

What is a hashtag?

A key part of any businesses social media marketing plan should be hashtags. What is a hashtag? Hashtags are defined as a word/phrase used on social media to identify a certain topic. More →