Six Ways to Use Social Media At Your Events

14 Nov 15

Do you hold regular events, yearly conferences or the one off occasional event?

Would you like your attendees to create a buzz around your event, share their experience to encourage people to attend your future events and build your brand?

Social Media enables your event attendees to share and connect with each other. They are able to connect before, during and after the event when you start getting them to use social media. More →

What is a hashtag #

22 Oct 15

I am sure many of you have seen the hashtags on your TV screens when starting to watch a new programme, advert campaign or when listening to the radio.

Many people ask me “What is a hashtag?” “What is its purpose?”

I am going to explain; More →

Facebook introduce profile videos and new updates

3 Oct 15

How exciting! Our Facebook personal profile has had some recent updates and changes.

Some of you may still have the updates rolling out to you and might not see these on your desktop. On our Facebook mobile apps you will have noticed the updates after updating your app!

So what has changed and how can you keep up;
 More →