Facebook introduce profile videos and new updates

3 Oct 15

How exciting! Our Facebook personal profile has had some recent updates and changes.

Some of you may still have the updates rolling out to you and might not see these on your desktop. On our Facebook mobile apps you will have noticed the updates after updating your app!

So what has changed and how can you keep up;
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How to manage your Social Media activities – Social Media Management

23 Apr 15

Are you trying to juggle multiple social media profiles? Have you not got enough time and resources to keep your profiles up to date? 

Social Media is a powerful tool to help businesses increase their online presence, awareness, community and traffic to their website. 

However, many businesses lack the time and resources to dedicate to their social media activities to make them effective, and they normal do this sporadically when time is not on their side. 

social media managementIn making sure that your social media is effective, you need to be organised and planned. It’s like with anything in life, if we are not organised it doesn’t quite go to plan! So it’s important to have a social media strategy and plan of content for your social media activities. 

I say to businesses if you had a regular monthly meeting with your marketing team for 1.5/2 hours a month to talk about your content and actions you can then plan and diarilise these over the following month. 

Creating the content is what takes the time when it comes to social media. Making sure you have engaging content that your audience will like and respond to. 

Most businesses each day will sit for 40 minutes to an hour thinking about what to write and post. Whereas if you have time to plan each month all you need to do is refer to your content editorial calendar! This will save you so much time in the long run. 

Once you have your content editorial calendar you can then decide which ones you would like to schedule and which ones are most appropriate to do in real time. 

We schedule our regular blog posts, event dates, facts etc. We don’t schedule conversation and news as this should happen in real time allowing you to then respond to any engagement from your audience. 

There are many social media management tools available to help you save more time. The tools have many different features including scheduling, monitoring, measuring and engagement. 

Some of the tools we would recommend are; 

Sendible – A social media management tool that enables us as an agency to schedule relevant posts, engage in real time with our communities, monitor key words in a local area and produce regular reports of our social media activity. Sendible has a 30 day trial so you can try out the power of this great tool. 

Constant Contact – Sending regular email newsletters is important to keep in touch with existing and potential clients. Keep them up to date with what you are up to, share invaluable information such as blogs and tips. Also offers and promotions you have too. Constant Contact has a FREE email campaign promotion at the moment! Go try it out.

Hootsuite – A social media management tool which is free for up to three profiles. If you are new in business and do not have a big budget then this would be perfect for you. A great place to start. Hootsuite can schedule, monitor and provide measurement reports each month too. 

So where do you start? I would start by selecting a date in the diary to sit down with your marketing and start planning your social media content for the following month. Then decide on which tool you will use to help you save time and start making social media work for your business. 

If you still feel you don’t have the time and resources in house, ZC Social Media can help you! We provide social media management and happy to discuss with you. Email gareth@zcsocialmedia.com for more information.

The really simple way to build twitter followers within your target audience

21 Apr 15

Are you struggling with building your community on twitter within your target audience? Are you looking to get more engagement from your tweets?

The key to more engagement; retweets, mentions and favourites, is to make sure that you have a good community that you are social with. Also making sure that the people who are following you on twitter are interested in your tweets. Many people will just follow anyone to get their numbers up on their twitter account.

It’s not all about how many followers you have, it’s about the quality of the followers who follow you.

To some extent you need a good number of followers to show credibility and to attract people to follow you. You don’t just want random people following you, otherwise your tweets will not receive conversation or reach.

twitter followersSo, how do you build your followers within your target audience? Well you need to go and find your target audience.

First you need to brainstorm your target audience.

Who are they; age, location, gender, interests, part of any professional bodies or associations, what magazines do they read, TV programmes do they watch, part of a Chamber of Commerce, what networking events do they attend, what local attractions do they visit, what radio show do they listen to etc.

Once you have brainstormed your target audience you can then go and find them on twitter. You can look at the certain hashtags for the keywords, places or TV Programmes and see what people are engaging in that conversation (these people are your target audience). Alternatively you can use a tool called Followerwonk

Followerwonk has a free feature where you can search bios of people on twitter. I.e.: you can find all the accountants in Kent! It will give you these in list form and you can then go and check out their twitter profile and follow.

When you follow someone on twitter (within your target audience) they will get notified that you followed them, they may then reciprocate and follow you back. You will then be building a following within your target audience. This is the key; follow your target audience first.

Aim to follow 20 to 50 people a week within your target audience and this will start to organically build a twitter following within your target audience.

Keep a track on how your community is building by monitoring and measuring

  • The number of followers
  • Retweets
  • Mentions
  • Favourites

You will see a difference in your engagement levels when you start building a following within your target audience. Keep me posted on how you get on! Share your twitter handle in the comments and I will follow you!

If you have not got the time and resources to manage your company twitter account we can help you! We provide bespoke twitter management which includes creating tweets, building followers, engaging in twitter chats and full monthly reports. Email info@zcsocialmedia.com for more information.