Using Twitter Insights for Extraordinary Storytelling.

6 May 16

“Marketing is no more about the stuff you make however it is about the stories you tell.”

In a period of social and digital media, storytelling is a capable technique in the hands of marketers. As individuals, we react to feelings, for example, ‘entertainment’, ‘bliss’, “joy” and ‘misery’. These are the triggers that make us think, feel and all the more indispensably, act and share.  More →

Is Twitter Becoming Too Much Like Facebook?

22 Feb 16

Twitter have made another change to their platform! The algorithm timeline is here. But is it a good thing? With this new update, Twitter will put the best tweets at the top of your timeline, a big change from the chronological order we’re all used too.

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How An Apprenticeship Can Set Up Your Life

12 Feb 16

Year 11 is the most stressful year of a teenager’s school life. You have constant mock exams mixed with real exams, all building up to your GCSE’s in the summer, which at the time, feel like the most important set of exams you will ever take. Whilst all of this goes on you are also thinking about your future ahead. Where do I go when I finish my GCSE’s? What if I don’t get my grades? You have three options: Sixth Form, College or an Apprenticeship. What course you do obviously does depend on your grades and it feels like a lot to deal with when you are just 15/16 years old.

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Live Video On Facebook

5 Feb 16

In December of 2015 Facebook launched a new feature titled Live Video. This feature enables users to film live video from wherever they may be, whether they are taking in some of the tourist attractions in the centre of London or at an event such as a concert or a football match.

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21 Nov 15
21 Nov 15

We have just come across a new feature on Facebook iPhone/android app on the more tab. You will now see a feature that will say Nearby Friends, Discover who is nearby…

Nearby friends allows you to see where your friends are, and it will also send you notifications when they are nearby so you can arrange to meet them!

Zoe Cairns