How social media entrepreneur Zoe Cairns became an international speaker and TV expert

11 Jul 16

Fans of ITV’s This Morning and BBC News channel may have seen Zoe Cairns talking about the rise and rise of social media in business.

The former Chapter School pupil from Strood has become an international authority on the workings of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and every other online communication tool.

Yet there was a time when she never dreamed she would speak on her favourite topic at the European Parliament or advise the Dubai School of Government.

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SMO- Social Media Optimisation

4 Jul 16

What is SMO?

Social media optimisation is the procedure of increasing a brand, product or event online using social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Linkedin or online communities such as Facebook groups, with the intention to amplify the brand, product or event.

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Social Media Graphic – The Answers.

1 Jul 16

Thursday 30th June was Social Media day, so to celebrate this I created a graphic with 20 different social media tools and channels in it.

So what are the 20 social media tools and channels located in the graphic?
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Social Media Tool Review – Canva

6 Jun 16

Canva is a graphic design software tool in which enables you to create simple designs. Graphics are an important part in today’s world whether it’s a graphic for your website, your social media or for a blog. What’s great about Canva is the tool includes templates with the exact measurement of posts from Facebook headers to twitter posts and eBook covers, Canva enables you to design your graphic within the right scale. Need specific dimensions? Canva also gives you the option to create your own template and input the dimensions of the post you require.

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Konnect- we check out the new app.

27 May 16

The new app for apple and android allows you to connect with others by not only email addresses and phone numbers but also via social media platforms. The app allows you to connect using the Konnect QR code, just scan another individuals code and exchange all your contact details, send and accept friend request and follow one another.

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Sendible- Social media management tool.

17 May 16

Firstly, what is a social media management tool?

It’s a tool in which helps to not only organise and save you time on social media, it also helps track the results of your social media and see what is working for you and your brand.

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How YouTube can inspire you.

16 May 16

Over 400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Delve inside to this and you can find inspiration, this is something that I feel has changed me in the past three years.

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What is a hashtag?

10 May 16

A key part of any businesses social media marketing plan should be hashtags.

What is a hashtag? Hashtags are defined as a word/phrase used on social media to identify a certain topic. Hashtags are mainly used on social media sites such as twitter and Instagram.

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Can Instagram take your business to the next level?

9 May 16

Instagram is primarily a photography app. Launched on the 6th October 2010, the app gained its first 1,000,000 users in just 67 days, which made it the fastest app ever to reach one million downloads. Since then, 30 billion photos have been uploaded, 3.5 billion photos are liked everyday and there are over 400 million monthly active users. In 2012, Facebook brought Instagram for one billion dollars and the app has continued it’s sharp rise since then.

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