Exeter to London to TV Screens :-)

17 Sep 16

When you are running around feeling busy, a little tired but so focused sometimes it’s important to take time out to reflect on what you have achieved in the last few days or even the last few months. 

Today I sit here waiting for the 7:10am train from Strood to take me to London. The tannoy goes and says that the 7:10 train to St Pancras is running ten minutes late. The disappointment and sighs from the other passengers on the platform makes me realise how lucky I am to not have to do this everyday! For a moment I stand here and feel grateful that I have the flexibility to decide what goes in my calendar and where I travel. 

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The importance of design and imagery on social media.

9 Sep 16

One huge part of your social media channels and content is the design element. Your social media channels must look good and stand out. Being someone who has a passion for both social media and design, this is something that I find very important, and there are reasons behind it.

Before we start with your content, we’ll talk about the look of your profile. When designing a header or profile picture for social media you must ask yourself two questions:

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Social media statistics 2016

1 Sep 16

Do you know the statistics behind social media? The amount of monthly active users? I’ve put together an infographic on the top statistics that I didn’t know about. Let us know in the comments below whether you were surprised by any of them!

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The Future Of Social Media

31 Aug 16

Today we live in a world where technological development has provided us with an unlimited number of opportunities in every aspect of our lives. Every day we spend more and more time browsing the web for different purposes, as the Internet itself is an unlimited source of information.

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What Is Dark Social?

30 Aug 16

What is Dark Social? The Internet is all around us and has become a big part of our everyday life. Today we have become more and more dependent on technology and that we spend too much time on our computers as well as constantly browsing the web for different reasons.

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Top tools to improve your Instagram account

18 Aug 16

Why Instagram? You ask. Instagram has become increasingly popular and in June the Independent announced that “Instagram beats Twitter as most popular social media platform for advertisers”, http://ind.pn/1YhDEc3 . Nowadays people prefer visual content and seeing as Instagram Is all about photos and videos nailing your Instagram account is key.

In this post, I will share with you my top Instagram tools…

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Social Media Image Sizing Guide

22 Jul 16

Every social media platform is different from its audience to its layout and ensuring your adapting to each social media platform is key. Using images on social media is important, not only does it catch people’s attention it can also say a lot about a brand. In order to ensure you’re posting the right size images on each platform, I’ve put together a Social media image size guide:

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How social media entrepreneur Zoe Cairns became an international speaker and TV expert

11 Jul 16

Fans of ITV’s This Morning and BBC News channel may have seen Zoe Cairns talking about the rise and rise of social media in business.

The former Chapter School pupil from Strood has become an international authority on the workings of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and every other online communication tool.

Yet there was a time when she never dreamed she would speak on her favourite topic at the European Parliament or advise the Dubai School of Government.

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